Albert Nolan: The Bat Man

Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Classes had a visit from Albert Nolan today, or as some were calling him 'Bat Man' 🦇  He gave an excellent presentation and the children learned so much about bats. Did you know that Bats that liv...
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'Shocking Science' 5th Class Workshop

Ms. O' Reilly's 5th Class had some hair-raising fun with Electricity. They were busy building circuits, adding switches, testing insulators and conductors and learning about all the Energy and Forces that contribute to it. Magnetism was explored...
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More Chemistry Kids ‍‍

Ms. Connors 4th Class also did the Chemistry Kids Workshop this week, learning all about Acids, Bases and pH scales. Check out their happy faces as they used stinky red cabbage juice and litmus paper as an indicator to determine the pH of everyday th...
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'Classroom CSI': 6th Class CSI Agents

Suspect everyone!!! 6th class has great fun as Forensic Scientists today in the Science Workshop. The class had to investigate a murder in groups. There was a crime scene and each group had a list of suspects.  They had to examine the evide...
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Chemistry Kids: 4th Class Science Workshop ‍‍

Ms. Burke's 4th Class had a great time today learning about Acids, Bases and the pH scales in an interactive workshop mobile Science Workshop . They explored materials and how they change, heating and cooling and chemical uses in everyday life. They ...
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2nd Class Science Workshop on Space

We learned all about space in second class. We tracked the position of the planets and drew our own maps. We observed how the different planets orbit the sun. We finished with a rocket launch experiment using balloons, a straw, sellotape and a piece ...
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Science Week in First Class

 The first classes had an amazing science week. They explored static electricity and constructed their own parachutes and rockets. Great fun was had! 
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Last orders Tuesday 22nd

​Last chance to order. Check out this amazing poster designed by 5th Class Student Council Pupil Alice 👏👏Amazing 🤩
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Blasting off in 4th Class

​4th Class took on the Salesian Rocket STEM Challenge this week and had great fun blasting their rockets in the yard today. Nasa may even have reported some sightings 🌙🌌🚀 Check out their cool creations in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.......🚀🚀
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1st Class Astronomers ‍‍

1st Class are having great fun learning all about Space and the planets. Ms. Glennon's class showed their astronaut pictures at Cruinniu today and recited a brilliant poem about the planets. They are really looking forward to a visit from the Planeta...
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2nd Class Scientists!

​Ms. Hogan's 2nd Class have had a busy Science We ek. They had a visit from Wildlife expert Albert Nolan who taught them all about Bats!  Check out some super photos of their Rocket STEM Challenge and fun with construction and BeeBots in our Sci...
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6th Class Science Week fun.

This week 6th class enjoyed science week, learning about materials in their different states. Our trip to Westfields was a highlight of our week also. We followed our trip by group projects on all our local trees.
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Scientist Ciara visits Junior Infants

 'Junior infants were super excited to meet a real scientist. We helped scientist Ciara with two exciting experiments and might have made a mess along the way. Lots of us are now hoping to be scientists when we grow up. What a great start to our...
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3rd Class visit the Hunt Museum for Science Week.

Third class visited the Hunt museum for a ‘Made of Earth’ workshop. There they learned about the story of clay and ceramics and how they impacted civilisation & developed over time. They got to feel, mould & create with clay & they produc...
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Last Orders for Treat Bags.

Last orders are being taken now for The Late Late Toy Show Treat Bags. Bags are selling for €3 each or 2 for €5. Final closing date for orders is Tuesday 22nd. We appreciate all support, all money raised will go towards our Sports Equipment Trolleys ...
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Science Week fun in Senior Infants

​5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blastoff!!! Ms Cahillane and Ms. O' Connaill's Senior Infants had a blast making rockets as a STEM Challenge. They had great fun testing out these rockets on the yard. Reports have it that one may have even landed on the moon 🚀🌙 Check ...
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Animal Magic Visit for Science Week

​More Science Week celebrations and fun today when Senior Infants had a visit from Rosie and Dennis if Animal Magic. Great excitement was had as we met Lola the Meerkat, Tiny Tim the Tortoise, Poppy the Chinchilla, Casper the Barn Owl and Coral ...
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Science Week Trip to Westfields

We are having a great start to Science Week in the Salesians. So many wonderful experiments and STEM activities are happening in all the classrooms! Yesterday, 3rd to 6th class had a visit from Wildlife expert Albert Nolan. Albert took the classes do...
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Science Week in 5th Class

Ms. O' Reilly's 5th class have been super busy during Science Week. Check out their STEM challenge, creating strong structures using just marshmallows and toothpicks! They discovered that triangles are a very strong shape to use when building and of ...
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6th Class CPR Training

6th class had a wonderful opportunity this week to learn the life skill of CPR. We were delighted to welcome a member of the Ennis Road Community First Responders (CFR) team, to our school, who facilitated the training. Each&...
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