23rd October 2020 Centenary Day

Friday October 23rd is a special day for us in Salesian Primary school as we mark the centenary of the Salesian Sisters' arrival to Ireland. The first Salesian sisters, three Italian sisters and one English sister of Irish parents, arrived in Limerick in October 1920. The First world war had ended two years previously and from early 1919 Ireland was caught up in the battle for independence. The IRA and Black and Tans had been very active in the city and following unrest the city was effectively under martial law. It was into this atmosphere the Sisters arrived. Likewise, 2020 has been a rollercoaster year of great upheaval as we battle a global pandemic. The great events planned to make the centenary have not been able to happen but the Salesian spirit in all of us ensures that the show must go on. We are proud to belong to a vast network of schools founded by St John Bosco for the education of young people. Our pupils have for the past few days been marking Mission week, keeping the Salesian mission and tradition of supporting charities, locally and globally, alive. As we mark the centenary with both fun events and class activities, we acknowledge the wonderful legacy we have been gifted by these Sisters. Much has changed in the 100 years since the sisters arrived in Limerick but one thing that has not changed is the Salesian ethos and spirit. Truly, we belong to a family….
Salesian Primary School October 2020 Newsletter
Centenary Celebrations in First Class.
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