Christmas Market at Salesian Primary School

Dear Parents and children, 

This week we are giving our younger children the opportunity to buy from our Christmas Market. Items went very quickly last week, but we have sweetie hamper tickets and sweetie cones galore for you to enjoy. We'd like to thank all who have supported us so far and wish you a the joys of this Christmas Season!

We are delighted to present our 1st Salesian Primary School Virtual Christmas Market this December. Please feel free to browse through our products which we have worked so hard to produce. You can buy any of these items simply by bringing an envelope with the correct amount of money enclosed to your teacher. Don't forget to write 

(1) Your Name

(2) Your teacher's name and 

(3) your product codes clearly on the outside. 

Goods will be supplied from next week following appropriate isolation periods.

We have limited stock on some items, so don't delay to avoid disappointment! 

HOHOHO Merry Christmas!

​Time ​From December 1st, 2021 while stocks last!
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​Mrs Dowling and Ms O'Reily

Stock Items:

​Please enjoy your virtual shopping experience at Salesian Primary School Christmas Market ;)

Sweetie Cones

Code: RM77

Don't get caught-out this Christmas without your sweetie cone when watching your favourite movie! Filled with delectable chews, chocolates and lollipops, these cones will make a great gift or stocking filler for anyone especially your sweet friends!

(Warning large lollies may contain bubblegum, chocolate should not but MAY contain nuts)


Children's Hamper Raffle Tickets

Code: RM716

Hampers 'go leor' filled with festive sweets and treats! Will you be a lucky winner?

If you're not in....

€1 for 5 tickets. 

Hot Chocolate

Code: RM713

Hot chocolate cone to warm their hearts on these cold winters nights. Contains Cadbury's chocolate powder, pretzels, chocolate Buttons and Rolos. Just add warm water for a cosy night in.

€1.50 each 

Pencil Case Charms        SORRY SOLD OUT!!!!

Code: RM74

Jazz-up your pencil case this Christmas with a baked FIMO clay bespoke christmas charm.

€1.20 per charm

Karolina's Christmas Cookies  SORRY SOLD OUT!!!!!

Code: RM75

These delectable delights are a perfect gift- or if you really want to spoil yourself a wonderful accompaniment with a cuppa! The perfect Thank You gift for a loved one this Christmas!


Beaded Candy Cane Decorations  SORRY SOLD OUT!!!

Code: RM76

Be warned that these are not edible despite how delicious they appear! These little gems will be beautiful on your Christmas tree or taped to fancy-up your Christmas cookie jars! The colourful beads can be dismantled to make your own combinations if you so wish.

4 for €2

Sweetie Jars                  OUT OF STOCK!!!!!

Code RM71

Packed with scrumprtous chews, lollipops, chocolates!

The perfect gift for Granny or Grandad or your favourite auntie or uncle!

€2.50 per jar

Coffee with a Czapla Cookie    VERY LOW STOCK!!!

Code: RM78

On the run? Late for work? Or would you simply like to treat your parents for being so good? This coffee cup with sachets of coffee, sugar and UHT milk is ideal! Just add boiling water!

Warning The delicious cookies CONTAIN NUTS and cranberries.

€2 for the set.

Goblet of coffee

Code: RM79

Mini gift goblet with coffee, sugar and milk sachets as above. A cute little gift idea.


Coasters                                 SORRY SOLD OUT!!!

Code: RM710

These great coasters made from HANA BEADS will jazz-up any kitchen table with their stunning snowflake design. They are sold in sets of 4 in a beautiful little gift box. 

Set of 4 in a gift box €2.50      

Candle Jars                           SORRY SOLD OUT!!!!

Code: RM711

These fabulous jars have been beautifully decorated to bring a lovely atmosphere to any room. The nightlight can be removed to re-use the jar throughout the year as a reward jar, a swear jar or a promise jar?!

€3 each

Loom Bands                        SORRY SOLD OUT!!!
Code: RM712

Fishbone weaves in various colours. Give a friendship bracelet for Christmas. Its a lucky dip!

3 for €1

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Christmas Log                    SORRY SOLD OUT!!!

Code: RM73

'A candle in the window' has been a traditional welcome to passers-by in the past. This candle-log can be used on for your window or your kitchen table to bring the warmth of Christmas into your home!


Beaded Stars                     ALMOST SOLD OUT!!!!

Code: RM714

Handmade Christmas tree decorations. These come in various colour sets. Packed in beautiful gift boxes.

set of 4 for €2

Designer Sackcloth Christmas Trees    SORRY SOLD OUT!!!!

Code: RM715

These mid sized designer trees, finished with considerable detail, will adorn any room or surface this Christmas. Limited stock available. 

€10 each

Air-dry Clay Christmas Tree decorations with glazed finish.

Code: RM72

These decorations will bring a touch of class to any Christmas Tree as they are, OR have fun painting them with the family!

6 for €2

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