Christmas Newsletter December 2021

Welcome to our Christmas Newsletter.

​We have had a very busy term throughout the school. The following newsletter gives a snapshot of the great work, friendship and fun continued in our school this term. We take this opportunity to wish you and your family and warm and wonderful Christmas.


January Staff Meeting 

School Closed: Wed 22nd December at 12pm
School Reopens: Thursday, 6th Jan 2022

Thursday 20th Jan Early Finish

February Mid-Term School Closed: Monday 21st to Friday 25th Feb School Reopens: Monday 28th  February 
St. Patrick's DaySchool Closed: Thursday 17th March
School Reopens: Friday 18th March 
Easter Holiday 

April Staff Meeting

School Closed: Friday 8th April at 12 Noon.
School Reopens: Monday 25th April

Thursday Apr 28th Early Finish

May Bank Holiday School Closed: Monday 2rd May School Reopens: Tuesday 3rd May
June Bank Holiday School Closed: Monday 6th  School Reopens: Tuesday 7th June 
Summer HolidaysClosing On: Thursday 30th June at 12 Noon 
Additional School ClosuresAs communicated earlier in the term there will be some additional closures in the new school year.  

Christmas Message from the Principal

A Thuismitheoirí agus a Chairde,

Ba mhaith le múinteoirí agus foireann uillig i Bunscoil na Salíseach ár mbuíochas a ghabháil díbh ar fad as ucht an cabhair agus an tacaíocht a fuaireamar uaibh ó thús na scoil bliana go dtí an lá inniu. Tá atmaisféar álainn in ár scoil agus tagann sin ó chomhoibriú idir an scoil, na tuismitheoirí agus gan dabht na páistí.*

I am truly blessed to be part of a school community that continues to be joyful and comfortable. There is a wonderful atmosphere between teachers, parents and pupils. All our pupils, your children, arrive at school incredibly happy and ready for learning and play. As a testament to both the co-operation of you, their parents, and the dedication of our staff, they continue to demonstrate amazing strength and resilience.

Please click on the following link to continue reading the message from Mrs Rea by clicking on the link :

Santa Visit

There was great excitement around the school in the lead-up to Christmas, especially with a special visit from Santa Claus to the school. According to the big man himself, he visited us because Salesian Primary School has the best boys and girls in the country! The boys and girls asked many questions which he happily answered. He was able to reassure children of the advances in science which allow him to enter homes that do not have any chimneys. Many boys and girls were much happier after that. Santa was even able to tell them stories of past visits to their homes and the home of many of the staff. It was a lovely surprise. Don't forget to leave a bite out for Santa and the reindeers this Christmas!

Christmas Market

Mrs Dowling's 6th class pupils were very adventurous this year, in embracing the online market. They set-up a mini company selling their crafts and creations, from coasters to sweetie jars, to homemade cookies and decorations advertised through the media of our school blog. They successfully raised an incredible €451.09 in support of our 5th class Robotics team and local charity Vincents Limerick. It was a huge team effort on their behalf and, it was agreed, a very uplifting and most positive experience for all involved. Individuals were recognised for their business aptitudes and skills in their award ceremony. Bail ó Dhia ar an obair!

Science Week 2021

November saw the Salesian Primary School celebrate Science Week. This is always a big hit in our school. As always, our students greeted Science Week with great enthusiasm. The children worked on various Science Projects, experiments and STEM Challenges both in class and at home. Between Science Magic Shows, a visit from the Planetarium, interactive online workshops provided by Mary Immaculate College and the University of Limerick, online virtual Science Shows, there was something for everyone. It was fantastic to see the children buzzing with excitement and having such fun with their learning. Huge well done to everyone. The future is bright for Irish Science.

Roots of Empathy

2nd class are very lucky to be taking part in the "Roots of Empathy" programme this year, led by Natalia Stefanowicz from SMILE. We will be having video calls with the wonderful baby Theo and following all of his milestones throughout his first year. We are so excited to see how he grows and changes! 

Student Council

This year the Salesian Primary School had elections for our very first ever Student Council. It is important to us that the students in our school have a voice and are listened to. We were totally blown away by the high standard of all the candidates. The candidates were extremely busy designing their election posters and presenting their speeches to their classmates. There was a fantastic buzz in the school on December 1st when the Election was held. The seven successful candidates are: Emma Browne, Chloe Kelly, Faye Duffy, Claire Cronin, Ava Lloyd, Zoe Brown and Emilia Grabowska

Watch this space, we envision some amazing projects in the year ahead.

Choir and Peace Proms

Salesian Primary School Choir began in November. We are fortunate to have over 50 members this year. The choir has been eagerly preparing for the Peace Prom concert in the University Concert Hall this coming February. We have been learning pop, musical and festive songs. In December we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to sing for the school in the yard to enhance the 'switching on the lights' ceremony to mark December 8th. Our favourite song is Santa Claus is coming to Town. Ms.Fenton has been teaching us Lámh signs to go with the song. We cannot wait to return to choir after the Christmas holidays.

DELL VEX Robotics Challenge

Ms O'Reilly's fifth Class have been busy preparing for the VEX Robotics Competition which will take place in Spring 2021. After looking at how the game is played and understanding the rules of the game, the Build Team, with help from the PIT team, began by constructing their Robot called 'Fling.' After carefully following the instructions the coding team has begun to code the robot's brain so that he can play the game. All of FIfth Class agreed on a team strategy on how to score the maximum points in the game. The coding team are very busy discovering how to programme the robot's brain so that he can score as many points under a minute. The PR have finished designing their t-shirts, and they have sent their designs to a t-shirt printing company. They have also finalised the team name 'Robusters.'

The next part of the competition will involve purchasing a game kit so that Fifth class can practise driving the robot and playing the game. Our PR team has been busy fundraising for this purchase. They are currently running a Christmas Colouring Competition from 2nd - 6th Class and have also been busy selling raffle tickets for Christmas hampers. Our class would like to say a big THANK YOU for all of the help that Ms. Dowling and her sixth class have given us with our fundraising.

Our two Drivers have also been very busy practising driving the Robot and playing the game. Finally our Logbook team have begun to diligently document the whole process using Chrome books. All of Fifth Class have enjoyed learning how to code using our school Chromebooks and have enjoyed sharing their coding strategies with the rest of the class. Both FIfth Class and Ms. O' Reilly are really excited about continuing with our Robotics project in the new year. 

Nativity and Christmas Carols

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the occasional donkey or angel wandering the corridors of our school in costume! Despite our restrictions, our incredible teachers managed innovative Nativity Plays again this year. While many enjoyed their own show within the classroom either as gaeilge in Ms Burke's 4th class, or in English in our younger classes, some like Ms Dooley- Ryan's 6th class took to the yard (to the intrigue of passers-by!). Ms Cahilane's Senior Infants are counting hits on their Youtube video as seen here: Ms Cahilane's Senior Infants Nativity Play, Both 6th classes took a walk to Westfield's Park last Wednesday to entertain unsuspecting regulars singing Christmas carols!. The whole school community, both young and old, have thoroughly enjoyed Christmas Hits blasting a welcome to them each morning through the exterior intercom.

​Six Bricks and other activities 

Mrs Dooley Ryan and Ms O'Sullivan's 6th class are enjoying using a fun new hands-on tool, 'six bricks' which promotes play-based learning. Each pupil has a set of 6 brightly coloured lego bricks and we use them to practice activities for perceptual, visual and auditory memory, as well as physical, literacy and numeracy development. Six bricks activities improve reasoning, language and problem-solving skills. It's also great as an assessment tool. We are loving them!

We were really lucky to engage in a Zoom workshop with Michael Smith who talked about his book on Tom Crean. After our study about Antarctic exploration, he was captivating as he recalled lots of unheard stories about Tom's adventures.

Our Walk to the Westlands, at the beginning of winter, generated lots of discussion and debate as we searched for 10 tree species growing within 100m from our school. Next time you walk along this route look out for the Holly, Alder, Ash, Sycamore, Beech, Birch, Oak, Hawthorn, Willow and Horse Chestnut tree!

Junior Infants Activities

There has been huge excitement here in Junior Infants on the lead up to Christmas. We have loved learning songs and rhymes, working as elves in Santa's workshop and writing our letters to Santa. In keeping with our Aistear theme this month, each class has built a cardboard gingerbread house which needs lots of painting and decorating for christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Reminders for Parents

We urge all parents to ensure that they have access to Aladdin Connect. We will continue to send important information, announcements and updates to parents via this app. If you haven't already done so please download the app. If you experience any difficulty in doing so. Please contact the school office.

  • If your child has been absent from school, please update the reason for their absence via Aladdin Connect.
  • If you need to make contact with the school/ collect a child early etc...please contact the secretary in advance so that arrangements can be made for your child to be ready for you when you arrive.
  • Keep an eye on our school website for regular updates

Parent's Association

We would like to thank our Parents Association for their support always and their acknowledgement and appreciation of all in our school community, especially towards our dedicated staff who are each day creating a ''fun-filled and safe [environment] during this difficult year. They have gone above and beyond to help everyone in the best way that they can.'' The Parents Association continues to work and support our school the best that we can during these uncertain times. We wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe New year.

Thank you to everyone for your support during 2021


The following information has been directly taken from the HSE website on Dec 21th 2021 on the following link: HSE

Do not send your child to school or childcare if any of the following is true.

Your child has:

If your child is fully vaccinated and does not have symptoms, you do not need to keep them at home.

What does fully vaccinated against COVID-19 mean?

Follow the advice for close contacts if your child:

If your child is fully vaccinated and does not have symptoms, you do not need to keep them at home.

What does fully vaccinated against COVID-19 mean?

Last updated: 26 September 2021 at 10.55pm

Face masks

When and how to wear one

*The school continues to follow a pragmatic approach to the wearing of face masks from 3rd to 6th classes while following Public Health guidance. (

Preparing for Winter

When we return to school in January windows and doors of classrooms will continue to be left open throughout the day . This helps us to maintain a constant supply of fresh air in our classrooms which is important when trying to reduce the spread of the Covid 19 infection. However, we are aware that outside temperatures could drop significantly in the coming weeks. Therefore,it is important for children to continue to wrap up well and wear additional warmer clothing coming to school. We suggest the following:

  • children dress in layers rather than having only one heavy winter coat over their uniforms
  • girls may wear navy trousers
  • fleeces are welcomed particularly if they are red or navy [note other colours are allowed this year].

Expectations of Parents and Visitors to our school.

  • Masks will be expected to be worn by all adults on school grounds
  • Adults will be expected to model good sanitation habits.
  • Adults will be expected to be socially distanced from each other at all times. We kindly ask that this continues outside of school gates as parents/guardians wait for their child/ren to leave the school.
  • Limerick City and County Council expect that everyone will follow social distancing rules when being helped across the road by Raphael, our school warden.
  • Face to face interactions will be minimised.
  • Please ensure that you continue to follow NPHET guidelines over the Christmas holidays.

These guidelines are in place to ensure the health and safety of our pupils, parents and teachers. We thank you in advance for adhering to these guidelines and playing your part in helping to keep our school safe. 

Christmas Message from the Principal
Gingerbread Houses
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