Doodle Families Review


 This year boys and girls from first class got the opportunity to take part in the doodle families programme. This is an amazing initiative which aims to help both the child and parent improve their literacy skills. Every week the child attends a fun after school learning session based reading, writing and oral language skills.  The parent then attends a session during school hours which provides advice for helping their child’s literacy improve at home! This programme was a big hit with the kids this year. Just listen to what some parents had to say! 

My daughter Maggie participated in the Doodle families program, and while she started out apprehensive (at the thought of more work) it ended up being something she looked forward to each week. It was a program she was thoroughly engaged in and excited to talk about with us. It had a very positive impact on her reading skills in particular and as a result she has more confidence in her reading ability in general - challenging herself with more advanced books all the time.

Doodle families was a great experience, for both the children and Parents we really enjoyed the trip to the library and the trip at the end of the Eight weeks.While attending the Parents classes I learned lots of tips on how to support my son at home and improve his literacy skills in a fun way.My son's storytelling and handwriting improved drastically after attending the doodle family classes.

My daughter attended this programme and she found it to be so interesting..i would highly recommend it is a fantastic opportunity  for children in first class to get support with their literacy …after taking the lessons my daughter started to feel confident because all activities are literacy focused but are done in fun, interactive way and chidren don't feel that they are in school, they are contantly learning but don't even know it…I can see my daughter has improved with her literacy addition I am feeling more equipped to help my children with their literacy and numracy too…

Salesian Primary School Newsletter June 2020
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