Easter Reading Challenge: Closing Date Today


Congratulations to all the girls and boys that took part in our Easter Reading Challenge. Well done! I bet the younger children just loved reading with their parents/guardians! And I'm sure that our 1st and 2nd class pupils were great at giving their books a mark out of 10… our future book critics! And how did our enthusiastic 2nd-6th class readers get on with reaching their reading targets? I know lots of you will have reached for the stars!! Fantastic work.

Hopefully all our pupils enjoyed reading great stories over the past few weeks.

To reward all our super readers for their efforts, may I please request the help of Parents/Guardians of the girls and boys who took part in our Easter Reading Challenge! Please allow your child 'Golden Time' of their choice, at a time that suits you. This is where your child chooses to do an activity they love for half an hour (within current restrictions!). Thanks very much for your co-operation on this. I know homes are very busy, different places these days.

With the Easter Holidays coming shortly, reading daily is a great way to learn in a fun way and to keep our minds fit! There are lots of books and audio-books online too.

Keep Reading Everyone! Keep safe and well.

Mrs. Dooley Ryan 

Happy Easter Everyone
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