Feast of the Guardian Angels 2nd October

The 2nd of October is the Feast of the Guardian Angels.

Our Guardian Angels are there to protect us, to guard us from harm and danger, to keep us safe.

They are our protectors and they watch over us.

Sr Mary and Sr Sarah from the Sunflower Prayer Group in Bracken are especially sad that they will not have the opportunity to celebrate this feast day with our pupils. They asked that you know that they are keeping all of the pupils and families of Salesian Primary School in their prayers. They are thinking especially of the pupils (past and present) who were part of their Prayer groups over the years in Bracken. They send their prayers and best wishes to us all and hope that we continue to be safe and well. 

Perhaps tonight, on the Feast of the Guardian Angels, you could take a moment to say the prayer of the Guardian Angel together:

Oh Angel of God, my guardian dear,

To whom God's love, commits me here,

Ever this day, be at my side

To light and guard, to rule and guide.


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