More Science Week Fun ‍‍


 The Junior Infants in Ms. Delahunty's class really enjoyed Science Week. Check out some more experiments we got up to...

We had such a fun time learning about chemical reactions. We used pipettes to add vinegar with food colouring to some baking soda. This created a 'fizz' like mini volcanoes. We we able to see the colours mixing to make new colours too. 👨‍🔬👩‍🔬

We learned about how the force of air can make things move. We made a balloon rocket which was able to fly across the room. It even blasted up towards space. 🎈🚀

Science is cool, science is fun 😀

Mrs Dowling's 5th/6th Class celebrated Science Wee...
Science Week Fun in Miss Haugh’s Class
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