Mr. Browne's class work for exceptional closure - Week 2


English - Write 10 rhyming words.

Maths- Weigh 10 objects in your home using a scale. Round them to the nearest 10kg.

Spellings/Sounds - Make a list of words with the 'ow' sound.

Irish - Practice your greetings Eg Dia duit, Conas atà tù?

Topic - Compare life in Limerick now to the past. Find different facts and images online.

Spring - Plant seeds


English - Use your rhyming words in a poem.

Maths- Compare weights of objects in your house, make predictions before you test.

Spellings/Sounds - Use 10 'ow' sound words in sentences.

Irish - Practice your colours

Topic - Make a poster of all the information you have gathered from Limerick now compared to the past.

Spring - Make a bird feeder


English - Find out what an acrostic poem is.

Maths- Find 2 different objects in your house that weigh exactly the same.

Spellings Practice - box, job, bulb, own, grow, elbow, yellow, other, were, snowman

Irish - Practice your number 1-15

Topic - Observe, identify and explore things that live in a pond. Draw a picture of your findings.

Spring - Paint a blossom tree


English - Write a spring acrostic poem.

Maths- Order 10 objects from lightest to heaviest.

Spellings/Sounds - Improves your 10 'ow' sentences using adjectives.

Irish - Practice your colours

Topic - Create a diagram of the lifecycle of a bee.

Spring - Make a kite and fly it


English - Rewrite your spring poem on a A4 page and design it.

Maths- Baking activity, help measure all the ingredients.

Spelling Test - box, job, bulb, own, grow, elbow, yellow, other, were, snowman

Irish -Practice your number 1-15

Topic - Nature walk, take pictures of all the different types of plants you find. Choose your favourite plant and research about it.

Spring - Ask your family what their favourite things about spring is.

In light of recent developments in relation to Covid-19, Twinkl want to support all pupils and parents at home. This is an online website which offer many excellent resources and activities for your child to do at home. It is easy to sign up..

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