Ms Dooley Ryan/Ms O Donnell's fifth class are having a busy week.


It's only Wednesday and our class have worked so hard this week. We started with a reading of Seamus Heaney's Digging. Armed with a bag of real turf we tried to image Heaney's childhood visiting his grandfather at the Toner's Bog. We investigated renewable an non-renewable sources of energy, studied the biodiversity of our bogs and discussed their value as part of our heritage. We investigated new sources of energy, particularly wind energy with a little help from some O'Donnell family LEGO. Which thankfully made it to school in one piece ! A birthday treat in our room involves the History of Art of course ! so our birthday girl this week chose these books from the collection ! We are very fortunate to have such an amazingly enthusiastic group of learners who extend their learning at home by finding treasures among their family libraries. 

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