Pre-midterm Message from the principal

A huge hello to all of the girls and boys in Salesian Primary School and to your families as well. We know that you are all doing your very best at home with your learning. We also know that you are playing your part to keep safe and well. Families - we are sending an extra special thanks to you today. We imagine that there were days when things did not go as planned. At times, school work may have seemed too difficult to get through as families juggled many commitments all at the same time. Know that this is perfectly okay, you have not been alone. Sometimes, by just getting out in the fresh air for a walk, run, cycle or by playing a game together as a family everyone gains a little bit of perspective. School work may always be returned to again later. We really look forward to our pupils' return to school. School is a very strange place without the bustle of Salesian boys and girls. Ger Rea, Ger Purcell, Trish, Lorraine, Ms Murray and I have been working together to ensure that the school building and grounds are ready for your return. We all hope that this is soon. In the meantime, enjoy your midterm.

Well done to you all and thank you,

Claire Rea Principal and all the staff of Salesian Primary School

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