Salesian Baking Challenge

Screenshot_20200622_103307 Let's get baking 🍰🎂🍪

This week we are having the Salesian Baking Challenge. Your challenge is to bake something yummy 😋 You will find lots of delicious recipes attached that you might like to try such as Fairy Cakes, Rocky Road, Rice Krispie Buns, Munchy Flapjacks, Marshmallow Hats, Scones and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Maybe you might like to try a recipe you have researched yourself.

You may need an adult to help if you are melting chocolate or using the oven.

Don't forget to send your class teacher a photo of your baking for inclusion in our school blog.

Have fun and be creative in the kitchen 😉
Ms. Spicer's class have been busy bees!
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