Salesian Primary School Easter Newsletter 2024


A Message from the Principal

The days are stretching and we are witnessing signs of spring with trees budding, birds chirping, animals birthing, and colour returning with flowers blossoming. Hope is all around us reminding us that anything is possible.

Salesian PS is a proud Catholic School with a history of welcome, loving-kindness, understanding, care, and respect. Every child has been welcome and valued as an individual since the first Salesian School was established. We continue to action this in Salesian PS today. Just as Don Bosco recognised that love is more powerful than fear which divides us, we strive to let love be the uniting force as we respond to any challenges that face our community. When we act from love, we unite to create the best circumstances in our school for children to learn together in a safe, fun environment so that each child will reach their full potential.

As this second term, now draws to a close I wish you all a bright and joyful Easter Break, which hopefully has many days filled with sunshine.

Principal, Claire Rea

Our School Calendar

This is available on the school website:

Note: The school calendar for 2024-2025 will be shared as soon as it becomes available. We have a shared calendar with our local JFK Memorial School. 

  • School closes on Friday the 22nd of March for the Easter break. 
  • Junior and Senior Infants will finish at 11.40am 
  • 1st-6th Class will finish at 11.50am

School reopens as normal on Monday the 8th of April 2024. 

Dates to Remember 

  • Confirmation will take place on the 23rd of April for 6th Class
  • First Holy Communion will take place on the  25th of May for 2nd class 

Our School News this Term 

Active Schools

Salesian PS's Active Schools turned up the dial before the midterm. They took another step closer to our Active School Flag as the whole school undertook a daily school walk. The boys and girls in Salesians over the last two weeks have had the chance to walk around their community. We saw signs of spring, places of local interest, and above all had fun being active. Remember - skip, hop, move, run, show everyone how to have some fun!

Peace Proms

The choir had a great day on the 26th of January. We sang at the Peace Proms concert in UL. The choir had practised every Tuesday for the last number of months. We thoroughly enjoyed their performance for the school at assembly. Many thanks to the teachers who accompanied us and their parents for their support. After Easter, the choir will be attending the performance of Oliver in the Lime Tree Theatre. Have a great time cailiní!

Teddy Bear's Hospital

Senior Infants had the best day at the Teddy Bear's Hospital on the 14th of February. They learned about the different areas in the hospital, and they looked after all of the sick teddy bears who came to visit them. They learned about surgeries, allergies, vitals, nutrition, exercise, and handwashing. They even got to go in a real ambulance! What an exciting day! 

After School Coding

Earlier in the term the girls in 5th class were given the opportunity to sign up for an after-school coding group with Mr. Flannery and Mr Slattery. We had 19 5th-class girls signed up for this. During the 6 weeks of this course, the girls learnt how to make some coding projects on the online coding platform 'Scratch', which is a free-to-use coding platform. The girls learnt how to make the characters move and speak before creating a game that they could play. The girls had a wonderful time and have hopefully learnt some skills that they might use in the future, as they can continue to work on the projects at home. It was great to see so many girls interested in taking part in this activity, as it is a skill that is growing in importance. 

4th Class History Projects

Earlier in the term Ms. Lyon's fourth class was busy preparing History projects to present to the rest of the class. Each group was given a choice to create a project based on one of the following topics: The Vikings, Ancient Greeks, The Romans, or The Celts. Once each group had presented their project to the class, each of the other students was asked to identify which group the project had been based on. Each of these projects were then displayed around the classroom to demonstrate the excellent work completed by our students. The pupils showed confidence as they shared their new knowledge with the other groups. 

2nd Class Making Pancakes

Ms. Spicer's Second Class had great fun making their own pancakes on Tuesday the 13th of February. They measured out egg, flour and milk to make a batter. They mixed it all up and then they cooked them on a cool 5 pancake ring. They had great fun practising their flipping technique (on the pancakes we were not eating!).


Our School Library

Mr. Slattery's First Class has been making full use of our school library since its official opening on March 7th. The children love choosing from the wide selection of books and are excited every week to visit the library. Promoting a love of reading and books is a key foundation of every child's education and development. Having a great library at our disposal is a great source of excitement for our learners. As Dr. Seuss said "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

Teddy Bear First Aid Club

Ms Guilfoyle's after-school T-Bears First Aid club finished up for the year just before Midterm. The girls had a wonderful time and learned an awful lot of useful first-aid knowledge and skills. For example, they learned how to treat cuts, nosebleeds, sprains, and strains, and how to put someone in the recovery position or call an ambulance. The girls have completed the course and are taking home the booklets they created to keep a record of all they have learned. Ms. Guilfoyle is organising for an Irish Red Cross ambulance to come to our school towards the end of the school year when students will have an opportunity to ask questions and learn about these emergency response vehicles and the work done by the people driving them. The students are really looking forward to welcoming them as well as to getting together again. 


5th Class News

This term Miss O'Connell's 5th class is studying the novel Holes by Louis Sachar. Lots of creative artwork such as drawing and painting setting comparisons has already been completed. In addition to this, the children also wrote character profiles and researched the author online on their chromebooks. 5th Class also became Reading Buddies to Miss Spicer's 2nd Class. Both classes really enjoyed reading together and getting to know each other a little better. World Book Day was a great success and 5th Class dressed up as their favourite characters such as Miss Trunchbull, Harry Potter, and Gangsta Granny. Harry Potter even participated in the launch of the new School Library! 


Library and World Book Day

We recently celebrated the launch of our re-rejuvenated student library funded by the Parent Association and the Department of Education and Skills Library Scheme. The occasion was one of the highlights of our World Book Day celebrations 2024.

The library is another valuable addition to Salesian PS's East Education Wing where our Science Room, a colourful All-Purpose Room (used for meditation, music, story, and more), and P.E. equipment storage centre.

As a Salesian School we are very concerned with the footprint we leave behind so every effort has been made to ensure that our new library has been sustainably stocked by re-using the best of its previous stock, along with books sourced responsibly from local booksellers such as Quay Bookstore and leading Limerick book suppliers O'Mahoneys; donations from the city libraries; and family donations. All donations have resulted in a unique and exciting eclectic mix of attractive and colourful books to inspire engagement with books for all.

Teacher Thelma Dowling along with parents Anna, Christine, and Akansha have ensured that designated shelves separate topics such as popular authors, dual language books, sports, well-being, history, STEM, The Arts, and a popular Audio area with Story Sacks, etc. We also extend  a huge thank you to another parent, Michelle, who organised the fabulous photography for us on the day. 

The library was opened by Limerick author Grainne O Brien who visited the school on March 1st, for Q&A sessions to kick off a 1-month March Reading Challenge. Pupils and teachers alike rose to the occasion to ensure that the World Book Day activities which included Dress-up, interactive 'Readers Theatre' assemblies for all classes, and a whole month of engaging reading challenges on bookmarks created fun and vibrant memories to coincide with the library launch. 

Student Council News 

The Student Council had a very busy term. We had to survey all the classes to create a wishlist of resources for our fidget boxes. Next came ordering and then sorting out all the fidgets fairly for each class. We had a great time making the fidget boxes and learned a lot in the process. The boxes were created from the monies raised from our Christmas Raffle and Pyjama Day. We would like to thank the entire school community for always supporting the Student Council initiatives.

Senior Infants Vegetable Boxes

Senior Infants have been very busy weeding their vegetable boxes and planting seeds. These seeds will hopefully grow into delicious vegetables that we can eat. We planted salad leaves, carrots, parsnips, turnips, peas, green beans, radishes and pumpkins.


Our basketball team will take part in the Inter City Basketball League . We will play against a number of schools in the city. The teams that win will go through to a final in UL. Good luck girls

Active School Challenge

We have been very busy over the last 4 weeks with our Active School Challenge . Each day every class in the school takes time out of their busy schedules and walks some laps of the school yard. We count the laps at the end of the week to see how many we have completed as a school . We love getting in our walk at school .

Remember Skip hop run jump show everyone how to have some fun .


The students in second and third class will be visiting the swimming pool after Easter to learn and improve their swimming skills . The students always enjoy learning this very important life skill. 


6th Class Fundraising

Thank you to all the parents and students who have contributed to the sixth class fundraising this year. Eighty cookies were sold to raise money for their end of year hoodies!

Leprechaun Traps

Second class girls had great fun designing, drawing and creating their very own leprechaun traps. We used a variety of recycled materials that we had at home and had great fun sticking, painting and glueing them. We are hoping to catch a leprechaun and find their pot of gold! Here are some of our wonderful creations. 

Junior Infants

Junior Infants have really enjoyed this term. There was lots of excitement with the arrival of Spring, World Book Day and Lá Fhéile Pádraig. The children had great fun dressing up in green for our Céilí mór in the halla. It was very exciting dressing up as our favourite book characters for the launch of our new library! 

5th Class

Ms. O'Reilly's 5th Class are busy researching their question 'Why do we dream and do all living things dream? They are carefully recording their predictions and planning the procedure that they will use to answer this question. They will showcase their research on the 21st of May in the University of Limerick as part of Science Blast 2024. 5th Class are also enjoying building up their fitness levels by running laps of the yard each morning as part of the whole school 'Run Around Europe' challenge. 5th Class can now complete 6 laps at once!

​Some of our pupils participated in their very first Camogie Blitz this week. The girls won 2 out of thier 3 matches. This was very impressive for their first competition. Well done girls. 

Reminder for Parents

Please be mindful when you are parking your cars at drop off and collection times daily

-Parking is not allowed in the disabled space at the front of the school

-Please be respectful of local residents in the area by ensuring that you are not blocking entrances to houses when your car is parked.

-Parking outside of the gym and the old Fernbank building is reserved for staff parking only. The safety of our pupils is our number one priority, however,  dropping pupils off /collecting pupils in this area is unsafe. Please note,  cars should not be driving up the hill and parking in these spaces or parking on the hill at drop off and collection times.  This area also serves as an access point for other services and therefore access should not be restricted. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Your child's report card will be shared with you via Aladdin in June.  Scores from standardised tests will be shared on the report card for pupils in 2nd-6th class. This year the pupils standard score will be shared. You can find more information on standard scores at the following link:

Also included here below is a glance card which aims to provide more information for parents in relation to standardised testing and results. More information in relation to this  will be shared closer to the time. 

After School Clubs

Creative Concepts Drama Classes

Building: Confidence/ Creativity/ Communication & Collaboration!

Venue: Salesian Primary School

Bookings: To Book/enquiries contact Lorraine @ 0868485229

Classes fill very quickly so please book early to avoid disappointment

 Irish Dancing

Nolan School of Dancing (Irish) every Thursday in the halla.

Please complete the sign up form:

 Breakfast Club and After School Club:

Elmtree Kidz is a privately run before and after school club organised by Yvonne McMahon and her manager colleague Amanda O' Donnell.

Contact Elmtree directly for places at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Where: Salesian PS (Halla)

Contact Barry at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Dance (Hip- Hop) and Aerobatics
  • Fridays' After School Club

We would like to wish you all a safe, happy and enjoyable Easter break.  

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