Salesian Primary School Newsletter June 2024


A Message from the Principal 

Being the Principal of Salesian PS is a privilege I don't take for granted. As I sit back and reflect on this year, I am proud to think of how far we have come and of all we have achieved together.

We have fantastic pupils who follow the Salesian Way of spreading loving kindness everywhere they go. They represent the school and their families at the highest level in behaviour and achievement. They are kept to the centre of all we as a school community set out to achieve.

We are fortunate as a school to be well-resourced. This coming year we will have seventeen mainstream classrooms, an all-purpose room, a well-stocked library, a state-of-the-art children's science room, a nurture room and a large halla with a stage. Our three-yard spaces are home to a basketball court. Three trolleys are also filled with break time yard play equipment fundraised for by our Student Council. Each classroom along with typical learning resources has collaborative games, a sensory box and STEM equipment such as Lego, all funded by the Salesian Sisters Monetary Fund, Student Council, and Parent Body (School Walks). Our school community values play, investigation and active learning. This shows when we come together, creating many learning experiences for the children.

Our best resource is of course our staff. We are an extremely caring, professional team that works together to ensure the best opportunities for every individual child. We know the children and we champion them. As a staff, we work in close partnership with all parents and guardians (the Parents Association) who do tremendous work supporting our school. We are governed by a diocesan-trained and dedicated Board of Management who keep the interests and safeguarding of the children at the core of every decision made.

We recognise the busy lives of parents and guardians. We have a lunch delivery service operated through 'The Lunch Bag'. We also open up our facilities immediately after school to a large selection of clubs and services so that parents and guardians have a choice of after-school activities on-site.

We are a welcoming community with families bringing a richness of culture through our gates. We celebrate this. This was evident only recently when we held our very first Multicultural day where we provided opportunities to embrace all of the cultures across our school community fully. For me, it is a tremendous honour when parents and guardians enrol their children in our school. I will always do my best to ensure the children are safe, happy and learning to the best of their ability.

School Calendar 2024-2025

The School Calendar for 2024-2025 is available on our School website

Please note: School will close for the summer holidays on Friday June 28th at 11:40am (Junior and Senior Infants) and 11.50 am for (1st-6th Class).

School Book Scheme

The Free Primary Schoolbooks Scheme will continue this year. Therefore, your child will no longer receive a booklist from the school at the end of the year. We will be sourcing all of the books and copies required. These books will be distributed to children in September. Further information can be found at the link below:

Stationery Lists

A copy of your child's Stationery List for school year 2024-2025 can be found on the school website at the following link: 

1. Click:

2. This will take you to the 2024 /2025 Stationery List Folder.

3. Click on the Stationery List folder and you will see individual folders for each class.

4. Click on the folder which is relevant to your child's class for 2024-2025

Each child will need to have their own stationery for the beginning of the new school year. 

This list contains the details of what your child will need for school next year. Please ensure all items of stationery are clearly labelled with your child's name.

 Requisite Money 

Requisite money is now payable on the Aladdin App in full or in instalments.

Requisite money is used for a particular purpose:

  • Arts and Crafts Materials
  • Photocopying
  • Library costs
  • Administration costs (phone, letters, etc.)
  • Aladdin fees
  • Some curricular-related activities throughout the year.

Payments can be made as soon as possible. Please let us know if there are any difficulties in doing so.

Our School News 

Water Safety Ireland - Paws

Water Safety Ireland's PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water Safety) visited and shared invaluable tips with all our pupils from Junior Infants to 2nd Class. They outlined the essential life-saving guidelines that every child needs to know. All pupils got to practise throwing a life buoy safely and effectively. All pupils received a certificate of participation.

Active School Week 

Active School Week was held from the 4th-7th of June. Every morning classes participated in Wake Up Shake Up. Sixth class pupils went up to the front of the yard and displayed dances for everyone to copy.There was also a prize for the class who danced the best. This prize was 20 minutes extra yard time and everyone tried so hard for it.Here are some of the activities students enjoyed during the week - volleyball,rounders,trips to the park,soccer,school walk and Gaelic football. Lastly, on Friday the 7th of June, 6th class played a game of Dodgeball against the teachers and the whole school came out to watch.Sadly the 6th class pupils lost and teachers won.This was a very enjoyable week for the students.

Soccer Tournament

The Thomond Primary School Perpetual Cup Soccer Tournament was held on the 11th of June 2024. There were four schools taking part including our very own Salesian Primary school. The tournament was held in Shelbourne Park, with the help of Shelbourne A.F.C from 10-1pm. Our sixth class team made it to the final against Gaelscoil Sáirséal. The girls were successful and they brought home the Thomond Primary School Perpetual Cup. Everyone was very proud of their achievement. There was a homecoming planned afterwards for the sixth class team. 

Camogie Blitz

On the 20th of May, some of our 6th, 5th and 3rd class girls took part in a camogie blitz in Old Christians. The girls had to play 3 matches against Gaelscoil Sáirséal, The Model and Gaelscoil Raithin. The girls made it very far and put in loads of effort to play against The Model in the final. Our girls did an amazing job and took the win. The girls really enjoyed the day.

Basketball Final

On Monday 27th of May our sixth class basketball team participated in The Limerick City Primary School Cup Division 1 final against St Nessans Primary School.Unfortunately, the girls missed out on the win by just one point! Everyone was very proud of the girls for trying their best and managing to get second place. Each student was given a medal for their hard work. 

UL Athletics

On the 15th of May Salesian Primary School competed in the UL City Sports event. There were 24 pupils that attended ranging in ages from under 8 to over 12.The children competed in 80m, 100m, 200m, 400m, relays and long jump events. We were successful in many of our races and it was a great experience for all. Huge congrats to all the girls!

Garda Cup

On Monday 20th of May 4th and 5th class took part in the Garda Cup Soccer Tournament in Thomond Community College.They played several soccer matches against nearby schools such as Caherdavin Girls NS, Corpus Christi and Le Chéile NS. The girls said that they had an amazing day and they can't wait to play in more tournaments next year! Some of them even said that they had been inspired to join a club and take it up as a sport outside of school! Our school is so proud of the plate the girls brought back after coming 3rd place out of all the schools! Our school is honoured to be supporting girls soccer and is delighted to have such a successful team.

Science Blast
Ms O'Reilly's and Ms O'Connell's fifth class were invited to partake in Science Blast 2024 hosted by UL on Wednesday 22nd of May. Ms O'Reilly's class question was, "Why do we dream and do all living things dream?". Ms O'Connell's classes question was, "Why do we have different eye colours and do we all see the same thing?". Fifth class excellently presented their work to the judges and received positive feedback. Ms O'Reilly's class discovered that human beings dream because if we didn't dream, our other senses would take over. Ms O'Connell's class discovered that your eye colour doesn't determine what you see and they additionally learnt about different parts of the eye. During the event, the classes had an unforgettable experience and were able to witness spectacular science shows. Schools from different counties competed in the event. Both fifth classes nobly brought back an award for their hard work and perseverance.

Science Show 

On Thursday 30th of May an amazing science show came to visit Salesian Primary school.

There were 3 scientists at the show who brought with them different science equipment and resources. They showed the children how to set your hands on fire without getting burnt! The trick was to dip your hands in water first and then dip them in the fuel.

Next they showed the children more interesting experiments such as turning the coloured water into a different colour by blowing a straw in the water. After that they grabbed a plastic bottle with fuel in it and placed newspaper in the bottle and then they got the lighter and set it on fire and

It exploded with a loud noise. For the last experiment they place two same sized glass bottles with two different sized candles inside. The taller candle ran out of fire faster than the shorter candle. At the end the scientists let everyone ask questions. Everyone had such a blast.

The Irish Red Cross 

On Monday 10th of June Irish Red Cross came to visit Salesian Primary School. They brought an ambulance into the school yard and showed the children how the inside of an ambulance looks.They also explained how they communicate with the people in the hospital with walkie talkies. The children were split into 4 different groups. One of the groups was shown how to use a walkie talkie. In the next part they were shown the front of the ambulance and where the driver sits. After that they were shown the back of the ambulance where a patient would be put when they're injured. In the last part the children were shown about a first aid kit and all the different equipment that should be in it. The children really enjoyed this experience and learned a lot of valuable information! 

2nd Class Joy Club

Second class girls had a great time in Joy Club this term. Joy Club provides the girls with time to have fun with their friends outside of the classroom. They played different games each week and all got a turn to create some beautiful paper flowers and a fondant bunny. We had a lovely summer party to celebrate the end of term. The weather was on our side so we had a disco, did relay races outside and had ice-cream!

1st Class Science Show 

Children teaching children - Our First Class children became Scientists and Engineers as they hosted a very special Science Fair for our Junior and Senior Infant children to attend. They showcased many experiments and STEM Challenges such as Tallest Tower Challenge, Beebot Challenge, Air Power, The Skeleton, Light & Shadows, Friction, Materials and Jelly Tots and Toothpicks 3D Shapes Challenge. The Fair was a huge success and the 1st class children gained valuable teaching and leadership experience. The Juniors and Seniors were challenged to partake in the activities and learned so much. The highlight was getting to eat some Jelly Tots from the 3D Shapes Challenge at the end. Well done to our Junior students, we are very proud of you all.

Engineering Week

We had a fabulous time in Salesians celebrating Engineers Week. All classes from Juniors to 6th Class took on the roles of Junior Engineers. We used many skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, planning, designing, creating, and reflecting as we worked on our class STEM Challenges. A firm favourite was designing and making our 'Fidget Toys'. Huge thanks go to our amazing teachers for challenging the students.

A highlight was a visit from Scientists Eoin, Paul & Caoimhe from UL who put on an amazing Science Magic Show where we were amazed by cool experiments and explosions.

A Fond Farewell to our First Class Boys

Wishing all of our first class boys the very best of luck as they begin 2nd class in their new schools in September. We have no doubt that they will do us proud and we hope that they will always look back on their first few years in our school with fondness and special memories. We are all so proud of each and everyone of you.

We would also like to extend a special word of thanks to any of the parents who will now be moving on from our school with their children. Thank you for your support over the past few years. We wish you all the very best of luck as you and your child continue on their educational journey.

6th Class Graduation

Congratulations to our 6th Class Girls that graduated last week  surrounded by family, friends and staff.

Girls, you have been a pleasure to teach this past year. We wish you and your family continued happiness and every good wish for the next exciting chapter in your lives. A huge thank you to our Parents Association for providing refreshments for all on the night and also for funding the class meal to milanos.

Multicultural Day

The Student Council was very busy this term planning and hosting the Salesian Primary School's very first Multicultural Day. We loved celebrating and learning about the many different cultures in our school. All children got the opportunity to research their special country and present their findings to the class.

We kicked off the day with a fun and active 'Wake Up and Shake Up - Multicultural Style' where all the students, wearing special clothes and hats that represented their countries, met in the yard and danced to songs from many cultures. A highlight was when the whole school came together to sing a song about diversity called 'Everyone Belongs'.

The Student Council then hosted a 'Showcase of Cultures' where we were wowed by the talents in our school. We enjoyed watching and joining in with performances by the children representing countries from all around the world. From singing and dancing, food displays, presentations about different cultures, learning words in new languages, to displays of GAA skills, the 'Showcase of Cultures' was a great success. We are so proud of all the students for taking part in the Showcase and helping us all to learn something new about other cultures.

The Student Council created a fun multicultural scavenger hunt on the day where the children had to find many different Famous Landmarks and Flags hiding around the school. A great day was had celebrating diversity.

 Online Safety Tips for Parents this Summer

The summer holidays is a time when our children could potentially spend more time online connecting with friends and playing online games etc... Webwise have devised a list of online safety tips for parents to help you and your child to have a more positive, safer experience online. 

Follow the link below to find out more about managing expectations while online to improve your child's digital wellbeing and to strike a healthier balance overall,something%20that%20bothers%20them%20online.


The staff and pupils of Salesian Primary School would like to extend our sincere best wishes and huge congratulations to Ms. Aine Sheedy and Ms. Helen Mc Carthy on their upcoming retirements. They are both valued members of our school staff and we thank them for their tremendous contribution to our school over the past number of years. Wishing them both good health and happiness as they begin this new chapter. 

Afterschools Club

Nolans School of Irish Dancing 

Irish dancing takes place every Thursday in the halla after school.

An additional class will run on Saturday mornings from 9-10 am.

Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact Ciara directly at 0830841924.

Creative Concepts Drama

Building: Confidence/ Creativity/ Communication & Collaboration!

Venue: Salesian Primary School

Bookings: To Book/enquiries contact Lorraine @ 0868485229Classes fill very quickly so please book early to avoid disappointment

Limerockers Cru Dance (Hip Hop) and Acrobatics

Salesian PS look forward to welcoming back Barry Burke the founder of Limericks LimeRockers Cru in September 2024.

A strong advocate of Love, Respect and Community who values inclusiveness- he promotes pupils' personal expression through dance.

Barry plans to host two Friday classes:

1:20 - 2:15 for Junior and Senior Infant Pupils.

2:20 -3:30 for all other classes*

*An additional class may be arranged.

Please contact Barry for further details by email here:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Breakfast and Afterschool Club

To be updated and confirmed. There will be a new service providing breakfast and after-school childcare provision. Parents/ Guardians will be informed of the details as soon as possible.  

Canon Des McAuliffe recently celebrates his Golden Jubilee

Salesian PS community are part of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish. Our Parish Priest newly appointed Canon Des McAuliffe recently celebrated his Golden Jubilee (50 years a priest).

He was ordained in Thurles on the 8th of July 1974. During his time, he served as curate in the Parishes of Christ the King, Mungret and Bruff. He also served as Parish Priest to the parishes of St. Michaels, Christ the King and Administrator of Rockhill/ Bruree Parish. Fortunately, he was appointed Parish Priest to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish in 2016.

Canon McAuliffe is an important member of the Salesian PS community and we cherish the close relationship he has with our school.

Congratulations Canon Des!

We feel honoured to have our masses and sacramental journeys led by two Canons now that you have been appointed Canon alongside our similarly beloved Fr. Ryan.

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