Salesian Primary School Summer Newsletter June 2023

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter. We can't  believe that Term 3 has almost come to an end. It has been a busy third term here in Salesians. We hope you enjoy reading about some of the things that we have been involved with this term.

School Calendar 2022-2023

School closes for the summer this Friday 23rd June 2023 at 12 noon.

The school reopens on Friday 1st of September 2023 for pupils. 

School Calendar 2023-2024 

Our calendar for the new school year is available at the follwing link:

Note 1: There are additional half days to be added to the agreed calendar as soon as an agreement has been reached with JFK Memorial School.

Note 2: It is expected that the Department of Ed. and Skills will be requesting schools to close (usually days/ half days) for Inservice related to the New Curriculum Framework ( This will be communicated to parents promptly.

******New School Opening and Closing Times from September 2023******

School Opening Times:

-Gate opening at 8:30 am

-Teaching and learning begin from 8:40 am.

School Closing Times:

School dismissal will be at:

-1:20 pm for Senior Infants* from September.

-2:20 pm for 1st to 6th classes.

*Junior Infants have an introductory start until Monday the 18th of September when they are dismissed at 11:40 am. 

From Monday the 18th of September Junior Infanrs will be dimissed at 1.20 pm.

A Messge from the Principal

 As we draw the 2022-2023 school year to a close, I pause to reflect on the truth that "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." — R. Collier (2021). I am honoured to be the principal of Salesian PS due to the active school community with whom I work.

The 2019-2023 Board of Management now enters its twilight hour of governance of Salesian PS. The whole school community appreciates the volunteered time and effort of Eugene O'Brien, Chairperson, and the Board continues to commit to the school. They manage the school and give tirelessly for the benefit of the pupils, their parents, and staff so that Salesian PS provides an education for the pupils in as safe a campus as possible.

Thank you also to the Salesian Sisters as trustees who volunteer their time to enhance the education provided here and who also grant funds each year to support initiatives such as STEM, literacy, and many more.

The PA committee with Marie Lavan as their chairperson, oversaw a very successful Fashion Show Fund Raiser, a Senior Infant Maths Games initiative in all three classes, the library preparation for September 2023, and hosted the refreshment side of welcoming new parents, celebrating special moments such as sacraments and graduations. The PA who is made up of all the parents of pupils in the school is as effective as the time committed by members. This year, the school has benefited immensely from all of your hard work and efforts. Thank you.

Our active student council deserves a special mention for the positive changes which you have introduced to benefit the pupils you represent including managing and replacing yard equipment and your fundraising efforts for further initiatives.

Thank you to all my colleagues, fellow managers, teachers, and ancillary colleagues for all your hard work, commitment, and dedication throughout the school year and in preparation for the coming one.

Thank you to Fr. McAuliffe and Fr. Ryan who help us to live our Catholic faith in a true way that is welcoming of those of other faiths.

I would like to wish you all the very best summer vacation possible. To the families leaving us, on behalf of the Salesian PS Community, we want you all to experience only the best in your future destinations. For our returning families, we look forward to welcoming you back on the 1st of September. 

 Appointment of New Board of Management 

The New 2023-2027 BoM will be appointed from the 1st of December 2023.

The BoM of a school is 8 volunteers who come together to govern (teaching and learning, finance, building works, Health and Safety, etc) the school in a child-centered way. They are responsible for upholding the Salesian Spirit of our school. All decisions are made with the children at their centre.

The BoM comprises of two Salesian Trustee Nominees, the principal teacher, a staff nominee, two members of the wider community, and two-parent nominees (one father and one mother).

The BoM works as one body. The parent nominees* act as part of the BoM with the benefit of having a parent perspective when decisions are made. Nominations will be welcomed at the PA AGM early in the new school year.

We ask that over the summer if any non-parent members of the community would be interested in taking on a role as part of a dedicated Salesian PS BoM he/she contact the school via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Nominees are not representatives. Communication is through the chair and any grievances follow the agreed grievance procedure ( so parents who are on the BoM will remind people of this if ever needed. Any positive ideas for the betterment of the school should be shared at the PA meetings.

Free Book Scheme

Due to the introduction of the Free Primary Schoolbooks Scheme earlier this year your child will no longer receive a booklist from the school at the end of the year. We will be sourcing all of the books and copies which will be required. These books will be distributed to children in September.  You will find further information below if required.

Requisite Money 2023-2024 

Requisite money is now payable on the Aladdin App in full or in instalments.

Requisite money is used for a particular purpose:

  • Arts and Crafts Materials
  • Photocopying
  • Library costs
  • Administration costs (phone, letters, etc.)
  • Aladdin fees
  • Some curricular-related activities throughout the year.

Payments can be made as soon as possible. Please let us know if there are any diffiuclties in doing so. 

Stationery Lists:

Stationery lists for each class grouping for September 2023 have been added to the school website. Follow the link below to access the lists. 

1. Click:

2. This will take you to the 2023-2024 Stationery List Folder. 

3. Click on the Stationery List folder and you will see individual folders for each class. 

4. Click on the folder which is relevant to your child's class for 2023-2024

Each child will need to have their own stationery for the beginning of the new school year. 

 Safety of our pupils/ your children:

A child doesn't develop the ability to recognise danger fully until they are about 11 or 12. Primary school children rely on caring adults for this. Please help us to ensure our pupils enter and exit our school as safely as possible each day. 

As you plan for the return to school in September:

  1. Remember it is best to walk or e.g. cycle to school.

If you drive:

  1. Please be careful:  WAIT until you have pulled in safely with the ignition off before they exit the car.
  2. DO NOT park on footpaths - pedestrians (mostly children- some in buggies) should not have to walk on the road. Leave them space to safely walk on the footpaths.
  3. Use the footpaths and the school crossing. DO NOT create a habit for your child to walk on the road. It is too dangerous a habit to give them as they will continue to do this when they are unsupervised.

The safety of our pupils is a priority for us in Salesian Primary School. Your cooperation when it comes to ensuring child safety is greatly appreciated. 


At the end of this school year, we will be sending our 15-day and 20-day school absence letters through Aladdin.

This may result in a duplication of earlier letters. Parents whose children have been referred to the Education Welfare Office have already been contacted.

Please be reminded that a child is marked absent if they are not physically present in the classroom at the time of recall. Late arrival and early collection are also recorded. The reason for absence is also recorded.

Finally, parents/guardians should ensure that pupils access their right to education. Missed days naturally happen from illness etc. 20 school days each year in primary school equates to almost a full year of teaching and learning. Therefore, strongly consider family holidays to happen outside of term time. 

Highlights from Term 3

Our Annual Poetry Competition

Salesian Primary School has a proud tradition when it comes to poetry and every May we are delighted to celebrate our annual Poetry competition results and the wonderful writing produced by our pupils. Every year we are amazed by the beautiful entries we receive, and this year was no exception. Our judge, Wanda Knopek, was extremely impressed at the talent in our school. We are very proud of everyone who made such efforts to participate in our competition and we extend huge congratulations to our winners.

  • In 6 th class, Brianne was our overall winner, closely followed by Louise and Kate in 2nd with Caoimhe in 3rd. Well done to all of them.
  • Valentina was our overall winner in 5th class with Lucy in 2nd place.
  • Our fourth classes took on the challenge of writing a Haiku and the competition winner was Molly. Alicja and Rawan were in 2nd place and Lamar was 3rd.
  • Kintia won 1st place in the 3rd class competition with Caelie in 2nd. Both Emilia's were in 3 rd place. Well done to all the girls.

We are so proud of you all.

We would like to send a huge big thank you to Fiona FIizpatrick for organising this event in our school annually. It is something we look forward to each year and it is her dedication and commitment that ensures that this tradition continues for our pupils. 

Engineer's Week 

We had a fabulous time in the Salesians celebrating Engineers Week. All classes from Juniors to 6th Class took on the roles of Junior Engineers. We used many skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, planning, designing, creating, and reflecting as we worked on our class STEM Challenges. Huge thanks go to our amazing teachers for challenging the students. We learned so much. A big thank you also goes to our amazing parent volunteers Ken Coleman, Emer O'Brien, and Deborah O'Connor for visiting various classes and demonstrating their Engineering expertise.

1st Class Science Fair

Children teaching children - Our First Class children became Scientists and Engineers as they hosted a very special Science Fair for our Junior and Senior Infant children to attend. They showcased many experiments such as Fingerprinting, Cleaning our Teeth, Magnetism, Floating and Sinking, Making Butter, Static Electricity, Colour Mixing, and a build and balance STEM Challenge. The Fair was a huge success and the 1st class children gained valuable teaching and leadership experience. The Juniors and Seniors were challenged to partake in the activities and learned so much. The highlight was getting to sample some butter they helped make on a delicious biscuit when the Fair was over. Well done to our Junior students, we are very proud of you all.

5th Class STEM Buddies 

As part of Engineers Week, Ms. O'Reilly's 5th-class students also took on a very important teaching and leadership role with STEM Buddies. The girls took complete ownership of this project and came together to discuss some STEM Challenges to present to our 2nd and 3rd class students. From building and balancing a tower of cards, to creating the tallest tinfoil tower, Spaghetti and Marshmallow Challenge, Balloon Rockets, testing Paper Aeroplanes and Gliders, and much more, the 5th-class girls prepared it all to perfection. What a wonderful and talented group of leaders they are. 

Lego Investment

We are very thankful to the Salesian Sisters for kindly helping us invest in new Lego for all of our classes. There was great excitement as all classes from Junior Infants to 6th class received new Lego. The Lego has been put to great use by the children. Already we can see the many benefits of it including helping to develop our students' problem-solving, communication, teamwork, independence, and planning skills as well as their imagination and creativity. We look forward to continuing to incorporate Lego into our learning in the future.

A Message from the Student Council

The Student Council had a very busy run-up to the Easter holidays. We were very busy preparing beautiful Hampers for our Easter Raffle Fundraiser. We also hosted a very fun and very wild 'Crazy Hair Day'. We were blown away by all the amazing crazy styles! Even some of the staff rocked up to school with questionable hair. Our aim was to raise funds to go towards a Water Bottle Refill Station which was one of the biggest requests from the students in a survey carried out earlier in the year. Since then, Sonia Browne, Hybrid Technology Partners ( has been in touch and has very kindly offered to sponsor our Bottle Refill Station. We are very grateful for the support Hybrid Technology Partners is giving to the Council and our school. The Student Council will put their profits towards buddy benches for the yard.

The Student Council also would like to thank the staff, the children, the parents, and everyone who supported our fundraising initiatives, without you none of this would  be possible. 

ESB Science Blast

Ms. O'Reilly's 5th Class were very busy this year preparing for the ESB Science Blast. The students came up with the project titled: "Do Colour Blind people ever see in colour and are there different types of colour blindness?"

All their efforts and scientific skills were rewarded on May 15th when they presented their project in Mary Immaculate College. They were highly commended by the judge who commented "The students conducted and advanced scientific research and review to reach their answer, they showed great enthusiasm, curiosity, and willingness to know that were very evident in every part of their project. The team was also well prepared and showed an amazing understanding of the scientific background behind their question". Well done 5th class, we are very proud of your scientific achievements.

STEM in Senior Infants 

Ms. Doyle's Senior Infants cooled off in the hot weather by learning about what materials are waterproof and which ones aren't. We tested lots of different fabrics and household materials to see which ones absorbed water and had some brave volunteers up to test what clothing was waterproof.

We used the knowledge that we gained about waterproof materials to complete a STEM challenge. The challenge was to create a boat that will float and support a Construction Man. The materials that the teacher provided were: fabric, cardboard, and tinfoil (as well as scissors).

Children worked in partners to create a plan, drawing their boat design. They then presented this to Ms. Doyle, outlining which material would be best to prevent the boat from sinking. Children could use their own stationery (pritstick, pencils, etc.) to support their design.

Once building and planning was underway, we completed two "learning walks", taking a look at other groups' work and using any good ideas to help us with our own designs. Then, the boats were ready to test! Most floated on the first try and pupils were able to take their boats apart and build another version. For boats that began to sink, pupils problem-solved, deciding where to put tinfoil to increase the waterproof ability of our ships.

Well done Seniors! 

Inspiring Limerick Street Art 

6th Class had great fun exploring Limerick city Street Art Trail in the sun! It encompasses 17 vibrant and evocative pieces creating an eclectic and engaging collection of urban art throughout Limerick City.

Reading Buddies

Older children reading to younger children has many advantages. Our 6th class teamed up with Junior Infant classes this term for reading sessions and it was clearly enjoyed by all. The children looked forward to their weekly meet-up and the excitement was palpable during the sessions as the pairs chatted about their books. Both young and old benefited greatly. Keep up the reading this summer!

 Summer Reading Stars in a Library near you!

It's that time of the year again when we tell you about Summer Stars Initiative in your local library. Your child has worked hard all year, improving his/her reading. It would be greatly beneficial if he/she could continue to read throughout the summer, developing fluency, comprehension and confidence. Of course the main reason we read is for enjoyment, and all children love a good story! Reading aloud to your child is also fantastic as he/she sees you modelling reading skills and children absolutely love listening to stories being read aloud. Summer Stars runs from 12th June - 31st August 2023.

6th Class Graduation

We are most proud of our 6th Class Girls that graduated on Tuesday night surrounded by family, friends and staff. The girls entertained guests with music, dance, songs, poetry, gymnastics and a specially penned song about 'Who you are', a Salesian. The girls delighted in sharing their talents and creativity, and all their hard work and enthusiasm was clearly evident. Girls, you have been a pleasure to teach and a fantastic role model and leader in our school this past year. We wish you and your family continued happiness and every good wish for the next exciting chapter in your lives. A huge thank you to our PA who organised the girls' graduation t-shirts and provided refreshments for all on the night.

 Primary to Post Primary Transition Programme

To assist our 6th Class to prepare for new beginnings in September they engaged with a transition programme with Natalia, from School Completion Programme. A time to reflect and consider, and to share ideas and feelings. A very important programme that benefitted the girls greatly.

Senior Infants Summer Concert 

Senior Infants in Room 24 have been very busy over the last few weeks preparing their songs and lines for their performance of "The Little Red Hen". They were absolutely delighted to perform the show for their families. What Superstars!  

A Fond Farewell to our First Class Boys

We would like to wish all of our first class boys the very best of luck as they begin 2nd class in their new schools in September. We hope that you will keep fond memories of your friends, your teachers and all of the special times we have shared together here in Salesian Primary School close to your hearts. Lots of new adventures await you and we hope you enjoy every minute of this new chapter. We are all so proud of each and everyone of you. 

We would also like to extend a special word of thanks to the parents who will now be moving on from our school with their children. Thank you for your support over the past few years.  We wish you all the very best of luck as you and your child continue on thier educational journey. 

Online Safety  - Tips for Parents 

Now that the summer holidays are fast approaching you may be concerned about increased screentime for children. 

Barnardos have a range of resources on thier website which will provide practical, easy to follow advice to parents on topics such as:

  • General Online Safety Tips
  • Screetime and Digital Wellbeing
  • Parental Controls
  • Encouraging Critical Thinking Online

Further information along with short video explanations of the above topics can be accessed here:​

They are also running a webinar for parents on Thursday 22nd June at 7.30pm. Follow this link to sign up to the webinar and keep an eye out on this link for more webinars which will be running on alternative dates. The main purpose of these webinars is to ensure that parents leave these webinars feeling empowered; they will have an awareness of the risks online for children and practical tips that will help them keep their children safe and resilient online (Barnardos)

Link to webinar:

Celebration of Fr. Tom Ryan's Diamond Jubilee of his priesthood. 

Salesian PS community is privileged to call Fr. Tom Ryan a friend. He is a strong presence in our school. We welcome his visits to staff and pupils alike. Congratulations Fr. Tom on your recent celebrations of your Diamond Jubilee of his priesthood. The 60 years of your commitment to faithful devotion and service have led to many wonderful stories which show how you have made a truly positive difference in New York, Ireland, the Parish of the Holy Rosary, and here in Salesian PS. You are part of our good fortune. God bless you Fr. Ryan!

After School Clubs 

1. Nolan School of Dancing (Irish)

Irish dancing takes place every Thursday in the halla after school.

An additional class will run on Saturday mornings from 9-10 am.

Please complete the sign-up form:

Or contact Ciara directly at 0830841924.

Creative Concepts Drama Classes

Building: Confidence/ Creativity/ Communication & Collaboration!

Venue: Salesian Primary School

Bookings: To Book/enquiries contact Lorraine @ 0868485229

Classes fill very quickly so please book early to avoid disappointment

3. Childcare

Elmtree Kidz is a privately run before and after school club organised by Yvonne McMahon and her colleague Amanda O' Donnell.

Contact Elmtree directly for places at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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