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We know in Salesian Primary School how much our wonderful Girls and Boys love to read. The summer is a wonderful time for children to read what they most enjoy, to learn new things, and to have fun! Here are some reading options this summer!

  • Reading Summer Stars

Why not join 'Reading Summer Stars' run by your local library this summer. This exciting reading-based programme is available free of charge and starts in early July. It is fantastic to motivate children to read! Every year, lots of our children of all ages return to school in September and tell us proudly about their involvement in this great initiative. Read more about it: today, Monday 29th June, Watch House Cross Library is open to the public but The Granary Library is not re-opening.

  • Reading for Pleasure online

Try out websites that allow your child to access lots of different types of books anywhere and at any time! BorrowBox App/website at is free and has a children's section with both audio books and ebooks. It is available through your local library. Also, hearing books being read aloud is magical! Utube offers lots of great read-alouds e.g. The StoryTime Family.

  • Instructional Reading

If you would like your child to continue to practice their reading during the summer, there are lots of excellent instructional online resources available such as or

  • Book Reviews

For our older pupils, why not tune into 'We Love Reading' - an RTE podcast, that has lots of book reviews and interviews with authors of award-winning books at

Wishing you all a happy summer, jam-packed with lots of relaxing reading!

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