Slán go fóil for the summer

As we begin the first morning of our Summer Holidays, I would just like to take the opportunity to say a heartfelt THANKS.

  • Thank you to our pupils who have worked hard to engage with learning since March 12th. This has not been easy - we know this. You emailed, you seesaw'd, you zoom'd in response to the work provided for you. Well done - take a bow, you did a wonderful job.
  • ​Thank you to our ​parents and caregivers​. You have made superb efforts to support your children's learning while the schools were closed. Each week, you ensured that your children were able to access the work, you helped them to complete it and return it to the teachers. Often times, you were doing all of this in very stressful circumstances - whether that was caring for other siblings/ family members, maintaining your household, working remotely in your own job, ... We appreciate the efforts you made and we sincerely thank you for working in partnership with us.
  • ​Thank you to our ​teachers. ​​The teachers at Salesian Primary School have worked phenomenally hard to ensure that your children (&you) were supported during this time. They jumped into action immediately when the lockdown was announced and have worked tirelessly to do the best by your children for over 3 months. This has been a challenge, no doubt. But it is a challenge that our teachers have met admirably.

For everyone in the Salesian Primary School community, I wish​ you a happy, healthy and safe summer. We look forward to welcoming you back on Monday, 31st August. We will be guided by the government directives and HSA advice to ensure that, when we open, we have the safety and well being of all in the school at the fore of our arrangements.

Please check-in regularly to our website and/ or our Facebook page and Twitter account so that you will be informed of any developments.

In the meantime, stay safe, be well. Slán go fóil.

Aisling Murray. 

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