Thank you for your concern.

Dear all who contacted the school to raise their concern about the comments made by an individual last night on one of our STEM challenge blogs. Thank you.

Please know that the person is not a member of Salesian PS's Parents Association. He is not the parent or legal guardian of any child in our school. 

There was a lot of evidence within the post which shows he has no understanding of the Salesian ways that hinted at this: 

(1) With regard to his misrepresentation of an RSE lesson: 

Parents have a right to [and some do] withdraw children from RSE sensitive lessons. Parents / and guardians of pupils in this and every school in Ireland are aware of this from the moment their child is enroled in the school. 

The lessons are available online  with the content- exactly as it will be taught before the lesson- there for all to see. Teachers in Ireland are mandated to teach the lessons as written. No deviations occur. All families are informed about this. Parents / guardians are the primary educators of their child and conversations about these sensitive lessons are encouraged. These discussions can only happen at home. 

(2) Pupils in Salesian PS are not expected to (nor encouraged to) wear masks. While parents may choose otherwise, we do not advocate mask wearing. This was communicated to all parents and any communication since my return to school has been about adult visitors and staff wearing masks as part of our protocol efforts to safeguard our school and to keep our school open. The intention and learning opportunities of the STEM challenge were not understood by the poster. 

(3) Salesian PS is built on 100 years of respect and loving kindness which parents / guardians choose for their children to be educated in.  The narrative and tone used by the poster was the opposite of this. 

(4) Parents / Guardians are highly respected partners in education by the BoM and staff of Salesian PS. Even in recent times parents have their own views and opinions about the COVID-19 protocols or general safety measures which we have put in place. A few have strongly disagreed. They have communicated their thoughts, beliefs and concerns to the school directly in a respectful way. This is because as members of the Salesian PS community they are aware that this is the normal and expected communication. We show respect for each other. We model this for the children in our community.

(5) Our blog and Facebook page are used as one means to communicate with our families. We also have other ways. The poster's comments showed that he obviously has no access to them.

For your information, while unfortunate that they occurred in the way that they did,  those comments have been passed to whom they need to be. 

There is no need to speculate, this person is not a parent or guardian of a child in our school. Speculation about connections to the school are not necessary, thank you.  He is not a member of the Parents Association. 

We do appreciate your concern though, 

Thank you. 

Claire Rea


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