The Salesian Sisters Keep on Giving... Seedbomb Gift


​To mark the Centenary of the Salesian Sisters arriving in Ireland they kindly gifted every child in the school a packet of Seedbombs today.

Watch Nicola from Seedbombs giving the children of Salesian Primary School a very special message from the Salesian Sisters at

A seedbomb has lots of seeds in it and when you plant it and mind it, it grows and blooms into beautiful flowers with lots of different colours in the summer time. Just like these flowers that will bloom beautifully, the Salesian Sisters think that each one of you in Salesian Primary School is like a beautiful flower in bloom. You have different names, different gifts, different talents-and you will grow and change and become a beautiful person-and you will colour our world just as beautiful flowers do. These seeds are everlasting and will grow every year.  When you look at them you can remember you are always a loved member of the Salesian Family.

Thank you to all the Salesian Sisters for this thoughtful gift.

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