Kind wishes for our Confirmation Girls

Our 6th class from 2019/ 2020 were a wonderful bunch that made an positive impact on those that they met. Mrs. Cusack wanted to extend her good wishes to you for your Confirmation on Tuesday. Thank you for thinking of them   
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Confirmation Celebration

Congratulations and well done to 30 of our wonderful  6th class girls who received their Confirmation this evening. You were a credit to yourselves and did a magnificent job. We hope that you have safe - but lovely - celebration with y...
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Arrangements for Senior Infants - start of the year

We want all of our pupils to experience the start of the School Year 2020/ 2021 in as positive as way as possible.  Our pupils beginning Senior Infants had a short-lived time with us last year.  Please find the details for Senior Infants in...
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Arrangements for Junior Infants - start of year

We want all of our pupils to experience the start of the School Year 2020/ 2021 in as positive as way as possible. We especially want to support our Junior Infants in their introduction to Salesain Primary School. Please find the details for our...
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Physical Distancing and How Parents Can Help

We will post regular updates on our plans and preparations for the safe return to Salesian Primary School. They may be found on our website under the "Parent" tab: ​Please also find the latest le...
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Letter to Parents 7th August

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Reopening of schools

I'm sure that by now, you will be hearing the details of the planned re-opening of our Primary Schools, as outlined by our Minister for Education.  Please see the attached letter from Minister for Education, Norma Foley, to parents. Please rest ...
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Slán go fóil for the summer

As we begin the first morning of our Summer Holidays, I would just like to take the opportunity to say a heartfelt THANKS. Thank you to our pupils who have worked hard to engage with learning since March 12th. This has not been easy - we know this. Y...
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Goodbye and goodluck! from Mr Browne

This year has been amazing, I am so sad to see you go! We've done so much together, we have laughed, smiled and learned. After such an exciting journey, enjoy the summer you have earned. You will all be missed. A special goodluck to al...
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Salesian's Summer Reading

We know in Salesian Primary School how much our wonderful Girls and Boys love to read. The summer is a wonderful time for children to read what they most enjoy, to learn new things, and to have fun! Here are some reading options this summer! Reading ...
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Salesian's Summer Writing

How do children learn to write? By writing.  Here are some ideas to encourage your son or daughter to write this summer: Join this fun Writing Summer Challenge that has lots of appealing writing topics for our budding writers! Unleash ...
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Memories of Ms. Hogan's 1st Class

 As the year comes to an end, I thought it would be nice to look back on some images of our class from throughout the year. It is hard to say goodbye to our friends, and especially so this year as our boys are leaving for JFK. To quote Winnie th...
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Saying Goodbye to the Boys from Miss Haugh’s Class

​The end of the year is near and it’s time to say goodbye to all the boys moving to JFK. They have had such an amazing three years with us. Just look at how much the boys in Miss Haugh’s class have grown since their first day in junior infants!&...
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6th Class Graduation 2020

Congratulations to our 6th class girls who graduated from our school today. A virtual graduation, a first for Salesian Primary School,  was held via Zoom this evening which was attended by 6th class students, their families, teach...
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Salesian Baking Challenge

This week we are having the Salesian Baking Challenge. Your challenge is to bake something yummy 😋 You will find lots of delicious recipes attached that you might like to try such as Fairy Cakes, Rocky Road, Rice Krispie Buns, Munchy Flapjacks, ...
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Poetry Competition winner

Well done to our 5th class pupil who was also a winner in our recent Poetry Competition. She had a wonderful composition titled "Tree", which particularly impressed the judge. Well done and we hope you liked your prizes.
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Salesian Primary School Newsletter June 2020

​ School Closures for 2020-2021 The following are the list of school closures for the School Year 2020-2021 ​ New School Year Begins: School Reopens: Monday 31st August  ​ October Mid Term ​ School Closed: Monday 26th - Friday 30th Oct...
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Doodle Families Review

 This year boys and girls from first class got the opportunity to take part in the doodle families programme. This is an amazing initiative which aims to help both the child and parent improve their literacy skills. Every week the child attends ...
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Junior Nurses and Doctors

​Looking back at our Junior Nurses and Doctors who were very busy during Aistear this year learning how to make appointments, check temperatures, write prescriptions for medicine and even put on plasters and bandages. 
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Salesian STEM Challenge: Tinfoil Tower.

​Your challenge this week is to design a free standing tower or structure using only tinfoil. There are many different ways to complete this challenge. Take a look at the poster for some ideas and get creative with your designs! We can't wait to see ...
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