Happy Easter

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.  Enjoy the day.  Take a moment to think about all the things you CAN be grateful for - even if you are feeling sad because you can not be with all the people you want. 
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Some activities for Easter

It's hard to keep track of time during the school closure. We would have been due to be closed for our Easter Break for the next two weeks. The past three weeks have been a difficult adjustment for everyone to make and we are still making adjustments...
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Happy Easter Everyone

A big hello to all the boys and girls in my class and of course to all the other pupils in our school. I hope you are all keeping well. We have been very lucky that the sun has been shining brightly in the sky recently and I hope you have all enjoyed...
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Easter Reading Challenge: Closing Date Today

Congratulations to all the girls and boys that took part in our Easter Reading Challenge. Well done! I bet the younger children just loved reading with their parents/guardians! And I'm sure that our 1 st and 2 nd class pupils were great at giving the...
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Some shared resources

Sr. Vera - who does wonderful meditations with our girls in 5th and 6th classes - has kindly shared these resources which some of you may like to explore during this time.We are very blessed to have so many people that care for us and are thinki...
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RTE School Hub

Check out RTE 2 today at 11:00 for their School Hub. 
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New website layout to access work outlines

 Good morning All, What a glorious morning!!  Many of you will be feeling unease with the Government announcement last night, but I urge you all to play your part in reducing the impact of this virus - follow the directive, stay at home and...
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TBT - Engineering Workshop in Science Hub 4th Class

 Whilst times are very uncertain and scary at the moment we must remember the good times and look forward to those times happening again. We remember our class trip to the Learning Hub where we were treated to a workshop for Engineer's Week. We ...
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More Junk Kouture .....

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Good Times in Second Class!

​In March, we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. We decorated our classroom door, dressed up as our favourite book characters and celebrated our wonderful authors. We also had weekly visits from Peter Sheehan as part of the Junior Achievement Progra...
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Easter Reading Challenge

Hello Everyone, I hope you and all your family are all keeping safe and well at this time. With all that has been happening over the past weeks, I know that children may or may not be taking part in the Easter Reading Challenge. We started this on Wo...
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Accessing Learning Materials

25th March 2020 Dear Parents, We truly hope that this finds you well during these uncertain times. We hope that you and your families continue to be well and we look forward to meeting again once this has passed. For each of us, it is our own persona...
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Maths games in Ms Haugh’s Class

Ms Haugh’s first class really enjoyed these fun maths games a few weeks ago. It’s super easy to do at home too. All you need is a pack of cards! First remove all the kings, queens and jacks. Then place all the other cards on the table face down so th...
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Mr. Browne's class work for exceptional closure - Week 2

Monday English - Write 10 rhyming words. Maths- Weigh 10 objects in your home using a scale. Round them to the nearest 10kg. Spellings/Sounds - Make a list of words with the 'ow' sound. Irish - Practice your greetings Eg Dia duit, Conas atà tù? Topic...
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Ms. Hogan's 1st class- Work for Exceptional School Closure

File Name: Ideas-for-parents-during-school-closure File Size: 19 kb Download File Dear Parents/Guardians,  Please find attached some suggested work that you may like to complete at home during the school closure. There is absolutely no obligatio...
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6th Class - Ms. Ryan-Lonergan

Please find attached work for Ms. Ryan-Lonergan's class for during our exceptional closure. File Name: SCHOOL-CLOSURE--WORK-TO-DO-FOR-Michelles--6TH-CLASS File Size: 31 kb Download File
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Junior Infants Work for Exceptional Closure

Outline of work for Junior Infants- Ms. Delahunty, Ms. Ryan, Ms. Giltenane and Ms. Spicer Please find below an outline of work which you may like to work on with your child during this school closure. Please share out this work at your own discretion...
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Fourth Class

 Dear Parents, Please find attached a list of activities that your child can complete to keep her focused on the fourth class curriculum during the school closures. There is also a list of educational websites to help your child with h...
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Ms Haugh - Work for Exceptional Closure

  These are just some ideas and suggestions. Please do not feel under pressure to cover all of this content. Please just do whatever is feasible for you in your own situation. I am well aware that some parents are working. Twinkl have given pare...
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Senior Infants- Work for Exceptional Closure

  Plan of Work for Senior Infant Classes- Ms. Keyes, Ms. O Sullivan, Ms. O' Connell These are some ideas and suggestions. Please do not feel under pressure to cover all of this content. Please do whatever is feasible for you in your own situatio...
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