Build a Bridge STEM Challenge

Your challenge this week is to design a bridge that is strong enough to hold some toy cars without it collapsing. Send your teacher photos of your design for inclusion in our blog next week 🌉
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Paper Plane STEM Challenge

​This week's challenge is to use a sheet of A4 paper to design a paper plane 🛩️ Investigate a variety of designs and see which one can travel the farthest. Remember to send a photo of your design to your class teacher to be included in our school blo...
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Senior Infants Virtual May Procession

 Senior Infants were busy making flowers in honor of Mary Help of Christians. If we had been in school today we would have all walked together holding our flowers in a May procession past the statue of Holy Mary and finally placing a crown of fl...
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More Lovely Sentiments for our Confirmation Girls.

Celebrate your very special day with your family and friends, your own unique and individual personalities, in your own special way... Fondly remembered with love and hugs from Mrs Cusack XX
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Greetings from 5th Class on Mary Help of Christians Feast Day

Mrs.Dooley Ryan and Ms.O'Donnell's 5th Class wish all the pupils, families, staff and friends of Salesian Primary School a very happy Mary Help of Christian's Feast day. Here are some beautiful flowers from our wonderful girls for Holy Mary today. Th...
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Mary Help of Christians

Mary Help of Christians Feast Day- 24th May 2020    On the 24th May each year we celebrate the feast day of " Mary Help of Christians". Mary Help of Christians is a special name given to Holy Mary for the help she gives always to Christians...
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More Special Wishes for our Confirmation Girls

Here is another special message which was sent to us for the 6th class girls on what was meant to be their Confirmation Day. Mrs Walsh was was so impressed with the send off the 6th class girls gave to her when saying farewell to her and wi...
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Special Wishes for our Confirmation Girls

Hello to all our Salesian families and friends. We hope you all continue to remain safe and well. This Saturday 23rd May was supposed to be our Confirmation Day in the Holy Rosary church. We were all looking forward to celebrating with our Salesian g...
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win €5,000 for our school library

  We would love to win €5,000 to spend on books for our school library when the children return to school. But we need your help. All you have to do is follow the link below to nominate Salesian Primary School. Scroll down to the bottom of the p...
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Salesian STEM Challenge Creations

​Check out this slideshow to see some of the amazing designs from our 'Build a Boat Challenge'. Don't forget to send your teacher pictures of this weeks STEM challenge and they will be included in the next Slideshow. We look forward to seeing al...
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Collection of belongings

Remember, you may come to the school to collect your child's belongings at the following times: ​Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First Class: WEDNESDAY 2:00 - 6:00  ​Second to Sixth   ​Classes, PLUS SIBLINGS: THURSDAY 2:00 - 6:00 ...
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Salesian STEM Challenge: Egg Drop

​ Are you ready for the 'Egg Drop Challenge'? This week's STEM Challenge is to design a cover that will protect your egg from breaking when dropped. This might be a messy one so it might be better to test your design outside 🥚 Keep an eye on this pag...
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Weekly Outlines & Book Collection

Weekly outlines of work have been added to the blog at: These are always added on the previous Friday afternoon to allow you time to prepare for the week ahead. This week's outlines hav...
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Cool Creations from Second Class!

​Ms Griffin's Second Class have been getting creative with their art & crafts and writing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!
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Miss Haugh's Class Decorated Masks!

​For art this week Miss Haugh's first class were asked to design their own masks. The children were so creative.Well done for all their hard work. Let's see if you can guess who is behind each mask!
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Resources to help us to slow and pause

Many thanks to Sr. Vera for sharing the link to more lovely resources that you may like to use at home with your children and also for yourself. There are a host of resources available which will be particularly useful and helpful in this stress...
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St. Mary Mazzarello

St Mary Mazzarello (9th May 1837- May 14th 1881) Today May 13th is the feast day of one of our Salesian founders, St. Mary Mozzarello. Mary Mazzarello was born on 9th May 1837. She lived in a small town in the hills not far from Genoa in Italy. Her f...
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Salesian STEM Challenge

Looking for a fun activity to do at home? Why not take on our Salesian STEM Challenge? This week we are challenging you to design a boat which successfully floats in a tank of water and can carry a cargo of at least one coin. As a bonus challenge: Ho...
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Work outlines and Arrangements for Book Collection

​ ​Work Outlines: The weekly updates of Work Outlines are available for you access at:   We continue to upload these every Friday afternoon and hope that this is helpful and gives&...
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First Holy Communion

Hello everyone, We hope you and your loved ones continue to be safe and well. We miss our pupils very much and look forward to the day when we can return to school and be together again. This Saturday 9 th May was to be a very special and joyous occa...
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