First Day at School

*taken from the Limerick Leader 10/10/2020. 
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Thank you and Farewell from the Salesian Sisters Fernbank

Our Salesian Sisters in our neighbouring Fernbank Convent are bidding farewell to the Holy Rosary Parish in the coming weeks. So on this special weekend where we celebrate Mission Sunday, they have chosen to share their "Thank you and Farewell Celebr...
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We love Art in 2nd Class!

Ms. Hogan's 2nd class have been doing some amazing artwork! We made dolls of ourselves using paper cut-outs, felt and wool. We used markers and rulers to draw our starburst pictures. We have been doing a lot of work on line and pattern. We ...
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Welcome back Ms. Rea

 We are super-excited to welcome back our Principal, Ms. Claire Rea. Ms. Rea will return to Salesian Primary School tomorrow and I am sure that you will all give her a warm welcome back. Fáilte ar ais, Ms Rea!!
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Feast of the Guardian Angels 2nd October

The 2nd of October is the Feast of the Guardian Angels. Our Guardian Angels are there to protect us, to guard us from harm and danger, to keep us safe. They are our protectors and they watch over us. Sr Mary and Sr Sarah from the Sunflower Praye...
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Junior Infants Room 2

 The children in Room 2 have settled into Junior Infants so well! We have been learning our rhymes, doing lots of fine motor skill activities and working so well in our groups. Keep up the great work everyone!
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Creating Paper Dolls in Second Class

​In miss Haugh’s room we recently read the book “Paper Dolls” by Julia Donaldson. We all loved the story, especially the little rhyme that the dolls chant “you can’t catch us oh no no, we’re holding hands and we won’t let go”. We enjoyed the story so...
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Fun in Junior Infants, Room 1

Ms. Delahunty's Junior Infant boys and girls have had a great start to the school year 🙂  We had so much fun and made lots of new friends. 
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Junior Infants Room 4:Ms Ryan

The boys and girls in Room 4 have been very busy since starting school with us in Salesians. We have been learning all about our colours, enjoying activities to develop our fine motor skills, we had our first visit to the Halla for P. E this week and...
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Helpful information for parents

Dear Parents/ Guardians, We are all so grateful for your cooperation and support in our return to school. It is only through working together that we can continue to ensure that we are creating the safest possible environment for our pupils...
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Help Needed Please! Save our Missing Readers!

Welcome back to everyone. I hope you enjoyed your summer and that all our girls and boys had opportunities to enjoy some fun reading and writing activities during the holidays. Last year your child may have brought home different reade...
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Letter from Acting Chief Medical Officer

It has been wonderful to have our pupils back filling the halls and yards with laughter and joy once again. A sincere thank you to our parents and pupils alike for playing their part in our return to Salesian Primary School.  Please see bel...
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Back to School Salesian Primary 31st August 2020

We acknowledge that there may be some nerves and anxiety in advance of Monday, but we wish to assure you that considerable planning has gone into our reopening. All decisions are informed by the directives and advice issued by our Management Body: CP...
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Advice for Parents

Please see the attached information and advice from the Dept. of Education about how children can be supported by you in the return to school. Further information is available at   Download PDF File Here
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Looking forward to welcoming you back

We are all making the final preparations for welcoming everyone back to Salesian Primary School. The Re-opening of Salesian Primary School will be most-successful if we all work together taking every reasonable precaution - with the common goal ...
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Helpful resources to help you in supporting your child back to school have updated their site with a number of helpful resources that families may use to help prepare and support children in the transition back to school.   It includes the following topics: How to prepare your child for returning ...
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Further Details for Re-Opening Salesian Primary School

21st August 2020 Dear Parent / Guardian, , RE: Drop-off and Collection Routines The BoM and the School Leadership Team have been working hard to ensure a safe return to school for all pupils and staff on 31st August. We have now finalised our plans f...
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Kind wishes for our Confirmation Girls

Our 6th class from 2019/ 2020 were a wonderful bunch that made an positive impact on those that they met. Mrs. Cusack wanted to extend her good wishes to you for your Confirmation on Tuesday. Thank you for thinking of them   
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Confirmation Celebration

Congratulations and well done to 30 of our wonderful  6th class girls who received their Confirmation this evening. You were a credit to yourselves and did a magnificent job. We hope that you have safe - but lovely - celebration with y...
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Arrangements for Senior Infants - start of the year

We want all of our pupils to experience the start of the School Year 2020/ 2021 in as positive as way as possible.  Our pupils beginning Senior Infants had a short-lived time with us last year.  Please find the details for Senior Infants in...
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