Ms Dooley Ryan/Ms O Donnell's fifth class are having a busy week.

It's only Wednesday and our class have worked so hard this week. We started with a reading of Seamus Heaney's Digging. Armed with a bag of real turf we tried to image Heaney's childhood visiting his grandfather at the Toner's Bog. We investigate...
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Fun & Drama in 5th & 6th Class to celebrate St. John Bosco

​Mrs. Dowling and Ms. Murphy's 5th & 6th Class decided to celebrate our Feast Day by creating & performing their own dramas. What fun and laughter we had!
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Great Enthusiasm at Vex Robotics

A super photo of two 5th class girls at Vex Robotics on Tuesday. Great enthusiasm and determination.
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School Mass to celebrate the feast of St. John Bosco.

Pupils from 1st to 6th class attended Mass in the Holy Rosary today to celebrate the feast of St. John Bosco. 
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Yummy smoothies

Junior Infants, Room 1 were very busy today making delicious fruit smoothies...
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The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The pupils in Room 4 enjoyed listening to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar this week. We spoke about healthy eating and sorted pictures of healthy and unhealthy food. We used vegetables in art to complete a print of the caterpillar. ...
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Junior and Senior Infants celebrate St. John Bosco's Feast Day.

Our Junior and Senior Infant pupils visited the chapel today for this special feast day. We listened to stories about John Bosco and we saw his statue in the chapel. We learnt that John Bosco wanted people to "show love" and "be kind". 
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Smoothies in Room 4

Junior Infants had lots of fun making smoothies this morning. We made banana and blueberry smoothies. The children then sequenced the steps involved and enjoyed a little taste at the end as a special treat. 
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Junior Infants , No.2 Enjoying St. John Bosco Feast Day Celebrations

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Smoothies in Junior Infants Rm. 3

We had great fun making smoothies to celebrate St. John Bosco's feast day! 
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5th Class at Vex Robotics in DELL

​Congratulations to all the 5th Class Girls who participated so well today in DELL Vex Robotics Competition. The energy, engagement and enthusiasm was 100% all day! Well done! 
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Mrs. Dowling & Ms. Murphy's Robotics

Well done to the amazing efforts of Mrs. Dowling and Ms. Murphys 5th and 6th class engineers, programmers, robot builders and design team this week. Following their hugely successful in-house "Funfair" robotic fundraiser in November, they finally pre...
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Vex Robotics with 5th & 6th Class

​Mrs Dowling's & Ms Murphy's 5th & 6th Class girls had a great day in Dell yesterday at the Vex Robotics Competition. The girls represented the school so well and did us all proud. Well done everyone.
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Junior Infant Aistear

 Junior Infants in Room 1 were very busy learning about the Arctic and polar animals this month. We had fun learning about penguins and building igloos!!
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Tony Baloney brings excitement and laughter to Fifth Class

​On Friday January 24th Ms Dooley Ryan/Ms O Donnell's Fifth class had a great time in the company of Tony Baloney. Did you know that laughter improves your memory!
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Doodle Families Trip to the Library

The children and parents taking part in the Doodle Families programme took a visit to Watch House Cross library today. The librarian gave them a tour around and the children got to take home their favourite books. It was a great experience! ...
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Vex Robotics...More Fun from Dell today

​For everyone who is as excited about Vex Robotics today as Ms Dooley Ryan and Ms O Donnell are, here are some more magic moments. 
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Ms Dooley Ryan is in Dell today with our team of Super Salesian 5th class and their robot Gobot !
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Junior Infants Rhyme Book

​Junior Infants in Room 4 have been learning all about rhyming words as part of our literacy groups. Last week the children created a book containing lots of rhyming words that they had learnt. Each child contributed their own rhyming words to the bo...
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Tony Baloney

Our pupils were very fortunate  to be entertained by the wonderful magician Tony Baloney in school today. He was a big hit with all of our classes. Tony reminded our pupils that John Bosco was also a magician who enjoyed performing magic tricks....
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