Board of Management

The Board of Management of Salesian Primary School enables parents, teachers and Trustee’s representatives to join together as partners in promoting the success of the school in all its work and in its links with the wider local community.

The Board of Management of our school comprises of:

Two Trustee’s Nominees

1. Chairperson: C. McMahon
2. Sr. P. Murtagh

Two Elected parents/ guardian Nominees:
1. C. Bryce
2. S. Kulandaivel

Two Members of the Community: 
1. B. Leddin
2. S. Novak Uí Chonchúir

The Principal and elected Teacher Nominee: 
1. Principal & Secretary to the BoM: C. Rea
2. A. Nealon

All correspondence to the BoM must be sent to the: 
Chairperson directly:
or to the Chairperson via:

The Board of Management Handbook can be viewed HERE

Please Note

It is important to note that, Board members are not delegates of their electorates. They have no obligation to either report back to their electors or to take instruction from them on how to vote at board meetings. Such reporting may be a breach of confidentiality requirements. It is a matter for each Board to decide what may be reported and by whom and, in this respect,

it is essential that personnel, financial and personal matters are dealt with in line with relevant confidentiality requirements.

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