Our School is situated in Fernbank,on the North Circular Road in Limerick.

Our school is mixed from Junior Infants to 1st Class and Girls only from 2nd - 6th

Pupils must be 4 years of age before on or before 31st August of the year they are
due to start.

We try to keep our Junior Infant Classes small ( 20 +)

Important that they can tie their own shoelaces,coats and can communicate with the
teacher i.e “ I feel sick”, I need to go to the toilet etc...Most children now go to
pre-school and are well prepared for “Big” school

There are 2 breaks during the day. small aat 10.45 am and big lón at 12.45

School day begins at 8.50 am for all pupils and finishes for Junior and Senior Infants
at 1.30pm and from 2nd - 6th Class at 2.30 pm

Our School is a Catholic School run on the Salesian Ethos.. Being Catholic does not
close us off from people of other religious beliefs. We welcome parents and children
of religions other than our own and we respect their traditions. However we do not
provide any alternative programme for them.

We do not provide after school care/activities for pupils at this time.

Our 1st Class boys have right of entry to JFK Memorial School on the Ennis Road.
Applications are processed through our school.

Our school uniform comprises of a navy crested jumper,navy pants for boys and
navy/red tartan pinafore/skirt for girls. On PE Days a Navy crested tracksuit with red
piping on the track bottom leg must be worn. These are available in Fennessys (
William St Limerick) or Dance City ( Roches St Limerick)

Pupils have PE twice a week at allocated times and must wear their school tracksuit
and white soled runners.

Cruinniú is the Irish term for Assembly and usually takes place on Monday

We are very fortunate to have the financial assistance or our Trustees (SSMF) who
help to pay for some activities e.g.( My Gym, Swimming,Drama,) we also have Joy
club after school 2nd and 3rd class girls for a short period during the year. for
Basketball,Ceoltas,Science Week projects.

HSE run hearing and sight check ups for our pupils and dental forms are distributed
to pupils through the school but are not run by the school.

Appointments must be organised through the office and scheduled Parent/Teacher
meetings take place once a year.

We have a mobile phone policy in school and only 5th & 6th class girls are permitted
to bring mobile phones to school. Mobile phones must be left in the office in the
morning and collected at home time.parents must give up to date numbers to the
office and should an emergency arise, parents will be contacted.

Pupils are supervised from 8.40 only in the yard.

In school we encourage children to eat healthy, wholesome lunches. Children are
required to have a lunch box. Crisps, Popcorn, chewing-gum and fizzy drinks are
not allowed. Eating healthily is habit forming and greatly enhances concentration in

you must inform the class teacher immediately and school will issue you with
medical forms to fill out and keep a record of your child’s allergy.

We have a homework policy in the school .

Due to health and safety concerns, parents are not allowed to collect children from
the class unless they are ill. Children are collected from the school yard at

Pupils go on an annual school tour every year,. Place and dates will be decided by
the different class groups and are always age appropriate.

Yes. Please see https://salesianprimary.ie/policies/75-code-of-behaviour

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