Our School is situated in Fernbank,at the junction of the Shelbourne Road and the North Circular Road in Limerick.

Our school is mixed boys and girls from Junior Infants to 1st Class and girls only from 2nd - 6th Class

Pupils must be 4 years of age on or before 31st August of the year they are due to start. However, the majority of pupils begin school here at approximately 5 years old.
This is because they attend preschool through the government ECCE scheme.
Older pupils are accessing the curriculum more readily than younger pupils. The ECCE scheme preschool years are having a positive impact on pupil readiness for learning together. 

We try to keep our Junior Infant Classes small ( 20 +). There are more pupils in other classes.

Most children now go to preschool and are well prepared for “Big” school. Class teachers ask that:

  1. They can independently tie their own shoelaces and fix their uniforms e.g. after going to the toilet and that they can open & close coats. Have them practice wearing their uniforms before their first day of school.
  2. They can independently open and close their bags and school lunch boxes. 
  3. Ensure that their school bags are light enough for them to carry.  
  4. Ensure that they can communicate with the teacher i.e  “ I feel sick”, “I need to go to the toilet” etc…
  5. Put their names on the inside of their uniforms and the inside of their bags and lunchboxes.
  6. Have them recognise their name in print. 
  7. Practice getting them to listen, speak and wait.
  8. Practice making new friends. 

In order to maximise the playing space for pupils, break times are staggered, our school has two separate small (sos) breaks and two separate lunch (lón) breaks. Sos is a 10 minute supervised playtime break and lón is a 20 minute supervised playtime break. Some time for eating in the class is built into the school day. 

Our school day begins at 8.40 am for all pupils and finishes for Junior and Senior Infants at 1.20 pm. Pupils from 1st - 6th Class finish at 2.20 pm. 

Gates open at 8:30 am each morning. 

Our School is a proud Catholic School run on the Salesian Ethos. Being Catholic does not close us off from people of other religious beliefs.  We wholeheartedly welcome parents and children of religions other than our own and we respect their traditions.

No. During the teaching of the Grow in Love Programme, we do not provide any alternative programme for them nor may they be supervised elsewhere as we do not have sufficient staffing or space to accommodate this.  We encourage parents to prepare their children for these periods of the day. Some children engage in quiet activities related to their own family religion while other pupils engage in other quiet activities as agreed between the parents, teacher and the pupil. 

Busy Kids Childcare, Ennis Rd, Limerick   (061) 452 760

Nursery Times pre-school - 28 Mallow St, Limerick

Monday- Friday 7.15 am - 6.15 pm (061) 314434

Poppins Creche and Preschool - Old Windmill Rd, Lower Gerald Griffin St Limerick 

Monday - Friday 7.30 am - 6.00 pm (061) 317274


  • CREATIVE CONCEPTS DRAMA CLASSES (Director Lorraine Flanagan. Phone 086-8485229) . 
  • Joy Club for our senior pupils.
  • Art Classes.
  • Choir for our senior pupils.
  • Public Speaking for senior pupils. 
  • Basketball for our 1st to 6th class pupils.
  • Robotics / coding
  • and more depending on the interests of the teachers, pupils and parents. 

Our 1st Class boys have the right of entry to JFK Memorial School (Ennis Road).  All schools have their own admission policy and enrollment application. JFK enrolment details may be found here: https://www.jfkmemorialschool.com/enrolement

Our school uniform consists of a navy crested jumper, navy pants (for all) and a navy/red tartan pinafore/skirt. On PE Days a navy crested tracksuit with red piping on the track bottom leg must be worn. These are available in Fennessys ( William St Limerick).

Pupils have PE twice a week at allocated times and must wear their school tracksuit and white soled runners.

Cruinniú is the Irish term for Assembly and usually takes place once per week. 

Salesian Primary School is full of busy learners and dedicated staff. Inspired by our Ethos our pupils are prepared for the future through access to technology (including coding, Robotics, Science Week, Maths’ Week and Engineers’ Week) alongside Sports, the Arts, Public Speaking and the subject Curricula.

We promote pupils to practice becoming the best that they may be. We have an Active Parents Association who support the  teaching, learning and ethos of the school.

We are very fortunate that our patron, the Salesian Sisters, volunteer their time to support literacy and other projects in the school. They also through a monetary fund (SSMF) provide financial assistance for the promotion of our pupils' preparation for their futures through accessing STEAM, pupil support and additional learning resources

Schools are solely places of teaching and learning. However, we distribute forms on behalf of the HSE, to facilitate their Hearing and Sight Checkups and also Dental checkups for our pupils.

Appointments must be organised through the office and scheduled Parent/Teacher
meetings take place once a year.

Parents and pupils who require contact during the school day may do so through the School Office.  Only 5th & 6th class girls are permitted to bring mobile phones to school in exceptional cases. Pupils in 4th class may be permitted to bring a phone to school again in exceptional cases.

Pupils’ mobile phones are not permitted to remain in bags / in classrooms during the school day. Mobile phones must be left in with the class teacher each morning and may be collected at the end of the day.

Parents must give up to date numbers to the office and should an emergency arise, parents will be contacted through our office.

The gates to school open at 8:40. No pupils may access the school before this time.

In school we encourage children to eat healthy, wholesome lunches. Children are required to have a lunch box.  Crisps, Popcorn, chewing-gum and fizzy drinks are not allowed.  Eating healthily is habit forming and greatly enhances concentration in school.

You must inform the class teacher immediately. School will issue you with medical forms to fill out and keep a record of your child’s allergy.

Please refer to the school’s homework policy. If you have any concerns regarding the amount or difficulty of your child’s homework, notify the teacher and make an appointment to speak with them.

Due  to Child Protection and health and safety concerns, parents are not allowed to collect children from school unless they are ill. Collection is organised through the office (061-455442 / info@salesianprimary.ie)  Children are collected from the school yard at hometime.

When possible, Pupils go on school tours. Place and dates will be decided by the different class groups and are always age appropriate. Parents are informed of any school tours in advance.

Yes. Please refer to the school website.

Our school administrator’s official working day is 8:30 am to 3:30 pm during school time. The office closes earlier on the last day of Christmas, Easter and Summer Terms.

The office is closed during school holidays. The office may be contacted by email:
info@salesianprimary.ie and by phone 061 - 455442. 

You can only enrol your child the year before they are due to start school.

Our Enrolment is open from the first Monday in October every year.

The Admission Notice and Admission Policy may be found by logging onto our website

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