Parent Association


The Parents Association (PA) works with the principal, staff, and board of management to build effective cooperation and partnership between home and school.

The role of the parent’s association is set down in the Education Act 1998 as follows:
"A parents association shall promote the interests of the students in a school in cooperation with the board, principal, teachers, and students".

Salesian PS has a vibrant Parents Association that volunteers time for learning initiatives such as Maths Games and fundraising for pupil activities and resources. There are many highlights throughout the year where they bring parents and guardians together to be a meaningful presence in the school such as the Valentine's Cake Sale, Junior Infant teas and coffees, Reading and Maths Initiatives, and many others.

All correspondence to Salesian PS PA should be sent to the Chairperson.

The Chairperson of the Parent's Association may be contacted directly here:
via the Secretary of the PA here:
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