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25th March 2020 Dear Parents, We truly hope that this finds you well during these uncertain times. We hope that you and your families continue to be well and we look forward to meeting again once this has passed. For each of us, it is our own persona...
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Mr. Browne's class work for exceptional closure

  ​MONDAY: English - Make a list of 20 adjectives (Describing words) Maths - Time, Recognise half past and o'clock. Phonics - 'Y sound' Make a list of as many words with the 'Y sound' Eg sky, myself. Topic - Go outside. Find things for the sense...
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Sr. Frances' work for exceptional closure

  Hi Girls, I hope you are all well and doing all you can to stay safe  at this time. I'm giving a list of things that I'll expect you to do for homework each day as we are still officially in school time. Revise/ learn Multiplication Table...
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Mrs. Dooley-Ryan/ Ms O' Donnell's class Work for Exceptional Closure

Hi All, We hope that you are all well today. Below are activities that will keep you busy over the next 2 weeks. Do your best, and if you are unsure, just give it a go and we will talk about it when we meet again. There is no pressure to complete eve...
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6th Class - Ms. Ryan-Lonergan

Please find attached work for Ms. Ryan-Lonergan's class for during our exceptional closure. File Name: SCHOOL-CLOSURE--WORK-TO-DO-FOR-Michelles--6TH-CLASS File Size: 31 kb Download File
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David Coleman Facebook Live talk Monday 8 - 9 pm.

  These are difficult times for us all as we try to navigate unchartered waters. This may be useful to listen-in to on Monday evening (8:00 - 9:00pm) to hear how you may support your child and family through this unfamiliar territory.
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School Closure

 Following an announcement by the TAOISEACH, schools are to close this evening for a period of 2 weeks and are due to reopen on Monday 30th March. We will keep you informed of any further developments
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Fashion Show postponed

A decision has been made to postpone our Fashion Show until after the summer, in Sept./ Oct. (Date to be confirmed). This is in light of the unfolding situation surrounding Covid-19 in our country and recommended restrictions on limiting large g...
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Support our Fashion Show

 Our fashion Show is being held on March 26th in The Strand Hotel. Your support is greatly appreciated. The money raised will be used to create the new library in our school. This is something that will have a huge benef...
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Basketball Team

Our basketball team put on a great performance yesterday against LETS. Their coach, Phil Deegan, was very proud of them. "A competitive but friendly game" and all played really well. Salesian Abú 🏀🏆
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Update on Covid-19 from HSE

As we received updates from the HSE on Covid-19, we will keep you informed. Please see the most recent advice issued from HSE for parents at the link below.
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Many thanks to our wonderful Parents Association

Yesterday was a great success at our annual Valentines Bake Sale & Coffee Morning.  Pupils and parents alike enjoyed the delicious treats and the opportunity to sit, gather and savour them together.  Many thanks to the pupils and parent...
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