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Christmas in Room 1

The boys and girls in Junior Infants are so excited getting ready for Christmas. We have been very busy decorating our classroom, playing Christmas games and designing and making our very own Gingerbread houses. Happy Christmas everyone 🎄🎅
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Luimneach Abú

The best of luck to the Limerick hurling team this weekend from all at the Salesian Primary School. Here's hoping they bring back the Liam McCarthy Cup 🏆  Check out this slideshow of our students giving the team their well wishes, created by Ms....
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Busy bees in Room 1

The Junior Infants in Room 1 have been very busy working with Ms. Delahunty and Ms.Griffin in their Maths and Phonics stations. They have been learning how to blend sounds to make words, using weighing scales to discover which objects ...
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More Science Week Fun ‍‍

 The Junior Infants in Ms. Delahunty's class really enjoyed Science Week. Check out some more experiments we got up to... We had such a fun time learning about chemical reactions. We used pipettes to add vinegar with food colouring to some ...
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Junior Scientists at work ‍‍

Science week is in full swing in the Salesian's. Check at our Juniors in Ms. Delahunty's class experimenting with leak proof bags. We filled them with water and stuck pencils right through without any leaks. We managed to fit 21 pencils! ✏️✏️  W...
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Science Week STEM Challenge

Check out this cool Salesian STEM Challenge!! Get your thinking hats on boys and girls...your challenge is to 'Design and Make a Face mask'. - Your face mask must cover your nose and mouth. - It must stay in place without being held with your hands. ...
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Science Week 2020

​Today marks the beginning of our Science Week celebrations in the Salesian Primary School 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬 Keep an eye on this page for some amazing Science activities during the week.
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Happy Days in Juniors ️

Check out some of the fun things Ms. Delahunty's Junior Infant class have been getting up to. They were very busy learning all about Autumn and Halloween 🍂🍁 🎃 
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Fun in Junior Infants, Room 1

Ms. Delahunty's Junior Infant boys and girls have had a great start to the school year 🙂  We had so much fun and made lots of new friends. 
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Salesian Baking Challenge

This week we are having the Salesian Baking Challenge. Your challenge is to bake something yummy 😋 You will find lots of delicious recipes attached that you might like to try such as Fairy Cakes, Rocky Road, Rice Krispie Buns, Munchy Flapjacks, ...
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Junior Nurses and Doctors

​Looking back at our Junior Nurses and Doctors who were very busy during Aistear this year learning how to make appointments, check temperatures, write prescriptions for medicine and even put on plasters and bandages. 
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Salesian STEM Challenge: Tinfoil Tower.

​Your challenge this week is to design a free standing tower or structure using only tinfoil. There are many different ways to complete this challenge. Take a look at the poster for some ideas and get creative with your designs! We can't wait to see ...
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Spaghetti Structure Challenge

This week's challenge is to build a super strong spaghetti structure that will balance a small ball in top. See poster attached for details of your challenge 🙂 Happy building everyone!  Keep an eye on out FB page on Wednesday for photos of ...
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Build a Bridge STEM Challenge

Your challenge this week is to design a bridge that is strong enough to hold some toy cars without it collapsing. Send your teacher photos of your design for inclusion in our blog next week 🌉
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Paper Plane STEM Challenge

​This week's challenge is to use a sheet of A4 paper to design a paper plane 🛩️ Investigate a variety of designs and see which one can travel the farthest. Remember to send a photo of your design to your class teacher to be included in our school blo...
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Salesian STEM Challenge: Egg Drop

​ Are you ready for the 'Egg Drop Challenge'? This week's STEM Challenge is to design a cover that will protect your egg from breaking when dropped. This might be a messy one so it might be better to test your design outside 🥚 Keep an eye on this pag...
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Salesian STEM Challenge

Looking for a fun activity to do at home? Why not take on our Salesian STEM Challenge? This week we are challenging you to design a boat which successfully floats in a tank of water and can carry a cargo of at least one coin. As a bonus challenge: Ho...
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'Let's Get Active At Home' ‍️️‍️

​Staying at home shouldn't mean we can't stay active. Now more than ever it is very important to take care of both our physical and mental health. What better way to do that than exercise!  This year, because of COVID 19, it is not possible...
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Junior Infant, engineer visit.

Last week, Ms. Delahunty's Junior Infant Class had a visit from Cook Medical Engineer Francesca Zonella. Francesca told us that engineers solve problems. She showed us a model of a kidney and we got to practice removing kidney stones using a spe...
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3rd Class, Dell Visit

Last week, Sr. Frances' class had a very exciting day. Dave our engineer for the day, explored with the class about- what is an engineer? and why we need them?Then after a demonstratration from Dave the children set about building an 'Air Racer'...
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