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2nd class, engineers visit.

Ms. Griffin's class also had a visit from Emma Collins, Intel. The girls created balloon rockets using balloons, straws, tape and an air pump. They pumped each balloon with different volumes of air and investigated which would travel the furtherst. T...
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Senior Infants, Engineers Week

Ms.O' Connell and Ms. Keyes had a visit from Dell Engineer Dave Griffin during Engineer's Week. He told us all about different types of engineers and about how they are great at solving problems. We became Civil Engineers and built tall towers using ...
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Intel Visit, Senior Infants

​Ms. O Sullivan's Senior Infants had great fun when Emma Collins an engineer from Intel came to visit. We learned lots about wind power when we conducted an experiment with balloons & we also got to control a robot. There are lots of bu...
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Junior Infant Engineers Week

​Ms. O' Donnell and Ms. Dooley Ryan's 5th class students had a fantastic engineering workshop prepared for Ms. Delahunty's and Ms. Spicer's Junior Infants today. They explained how they designed and engineered their very own robot. We had great fun l...
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Fun in the snow

Room 1 had great fun in the snow. We brought out our buckets and spades. It was very exciting ⛄ 
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Yummy smoothies

Junior Infants, Room 1 were very busy today making delicious fruit smoothies...
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Junior Infant Aistear

 Junior Infants in Room 1 were very busy learning about the Arctic and polar animals this month. We had fun learning about penguins and building igloos!!
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Junior Infant Nativity

 Ms. Delahunty's Class performed their Christmas Play 'Shh, Don't Wake the Baby' last Tuesday.The children were all outstanding performers and told the Christmas Story as seen through the eyes f the animals. What a fantastic and entertainin...
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