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World Book Day

There was great fun today throughout the school, as our creative girls and boys, dressed up as their favourite characters and enjoyed lots of book-related activities. High credit due to the children and all who helped prepare them for today! Imaginat...
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RTÉ Emma O’Kelly’s Visit

Today, 6th class were thrilled to welcome, Emma O’Kelly, RTÉ Education Correspondent and Salesian Primary School past pupil, to our class to chat about her life. The girls were riveted by Emma’s stories and gained a vivid insight into her j...
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6th Class CPR Training

6th class had a wonderful opportunity this week to learn the life skill of CPR. We were delighted to welcome a member of the Ennis Road Community First Responders (CFR) team, to our school, who facilitated the training. Each&...
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6th Class Halloween fun

​There was a palpable air of excitement today as lots of our girls and boys dressed up for Halloween. 6th class were very creative with their costumes and enjoyed Halloween games, disco and art throughout the day. Happy Halloween everyone.
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6th Class 2022

Congratulations to all our 6th class pupils who graduated last evening. They did themselves proud! Their graduation ceremony was a very special demonstration of their many, many gifts and talents including music, poetry, song, dance and gymnastics. W...
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Picture Books for Pleasure

  Last March, on World Book Day, here in Salesian Primary School we launched an initiative to further promote all pupils love of reading.  We purchased approximately 500 well written, beautifully illustrated picture books for all age groups...
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Summer Reading Opportunities

 Let's all in Salesian Primary School keep up our love of reading this Summer and join in this super initiative, ⭐️ Summer Stars! 🌟  ⭐️ Summer Stars ⭐️ is a free national reading programme for children that takes place in all...
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6th Class Teach the Teacher Day!

On ‘Teach the Teacher Day’ 6th class girls amazed us with their fun lessons, knowledge and skills, patience and kindness! We learned how to play rugby, hockey, camogie and soccer, do handstands, make a cake, do origami a...
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6th Class Marathon Finishers

 Huge congratulations to all our 6th class girls who completed a marathon today! Over 8 weeks the girls ran a certain distance each week together, increasing their distance each week. The sun shone brightly this morning as they finished the last...
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World Book Day Thursday 3rd March

 We are all eagerly looking forward to celebrating our love of books tomorrow. Pupils may dress up as their favourite character from a book or their favourite author.
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St Brigid’s Day

 This Tuesday, 1st February, St. Brigid's Day, Mrs. Dooley Ryan and Ms.O'Sullivan's 6th class pupils commemorated this brave and determined lady. Each pupil mastered the technique of cross making, which involves skill and patience! Wishing every...
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Nollaig na mBan Shona Daoibh

Happy Nollaig na mBan. Today Mrs Dooley Ryan's and Ms.O'Sullivan's 6th Class made a Christmas decoration for a chosen loved one in their lives, to mark Nollaig na mBan. 
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Christmas Festivities in 6th Class

Mrs Dooley Ryan's and Ms O'Sullivan's 6th class have been enjoying the lead into Christmas with lots of festive actvities. A refreshing walk to Barrington's Pier was enjoyed by all last Wednesday, followed by an outdoor carol service with Mrs. Dowlin...
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Online Safety Awareness, Barnardos

  All 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils engaged in a virtual 'online safety workshop' with Barnardos on Monday 21st June. The workshop was very informative and engaging. Barnardos offer free parent webinars about online safety. They are li...
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Summer Reading Stars

Limerick City and County Library will run the Summer Stars Reading Adventure for children from all libraries during the summer of 2021. Summer Stars is an exciting reading-based programme which is available free of charge to children across the ...
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6th Class Graduation

There was an amazing atmosphere in Salesian Primary School today as we celebrated the graduation of the class of 2021. 
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6th Class Outdoor Drama lesson

​ Taking our inspiration from this amazing Building Bridges of Understanding book “ The Memory Coat” we took the class outside for some still image making and some acting fun. 
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Our Earth Matters by 6th Class

This month Mrs Dooley Ryan and Ms O'Donnell's 6 th class have been learning about climate change. We have researched and reported on the causes of climate change, recent world wide and Irish legislation to fight against it, the impact ...
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Our 6th class art was inspired by the Willow pattern and our study of Ancient China this week.

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Spring is Here, by 6th Class

​Mrs. Dooley Ryan's and Ms. O'Donnell's 6th class were learning about Spring this month! To view our work follow this link,  Hope you enjoy!
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