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Science Week in First Class

 The first classes had an amazing science week. They explored static electricity and constructed their own parachutes and rockets. Great fun was had! 
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Trip to Westfields

The first classes had an amazing time on a nature walk to Westfields. They identified different trees along the way and spotted some berries and pinecones. There was also great excitement when a family of swans popped up to say hello!
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Fun at the Tennis Club

Today the second class girls visited the Limerick Lawn tennis club and took part in their tennis camp. The girls had so much fun and learned a lot of skills. Thanks so much to CJ and Mark for the lesson. It was a fantastic day!! 😁
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Sports Day in Miss Haugh’s Class

The second class girls had so much fun during their sports day. The girls participated in races, relay races, welly throwing, egg and spoon race and black sack race. The winners got medals. Everyone had a great day 😁
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Earth day in Miss Haugh’s Class

Miss Haugh's class celebrated Earth Day today with a trip to Westfields. The sunny weather made the walk even more enjoyable! We saw some amazing things. The girls particularly like the swans, ducks and butterflies. We also identified 5 different tre...
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Easter Celebrations in Miss Haugh’s Class.

​The second class girls had so much fun making clay egg baskets. The girls also painted some beautiful cards for the Easter bunny 🐣 They wanted to thank him for all the chocolate!!! We finished the day on Friday with some lovely baked treats and choc...
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Science Week Fun in Miss Haugh’s Class

The girls in Miss Haugh’s class really enjoyed becoming scientists today to carry out a few different experiments. We created a storm in a bottle, lava lamps and investigated what materials sink or float.  
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Creating houses in Miss Haugh’s Class

This week Miss Haugh’s class have been learning about the different types of houses. Today we got the chance to create our own houses using paper bags and newspaper stuffing. The girls were asked to create different types - detached house, three stor...
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Halloween Celebrations in Miss Haugh’s Second Class

 The second class girls had an amazing day today celebrating Halloween. They all dressed up in some scary costumes. The girls had a super fun day playing bingo, watching Halloween movies, having dancing competitions and enjoying some spooky bake...
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Centenary Celebrations in second class.

Today Miss Haugh’s class learned all about the Salesian sisters. They were amazed to hear that the sisters came to Limerick 100 years ago!! They are all so thankful that the sisters founded our lovely school and they created posters to mark the occas...
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Haunted Houses in second class

Miss Haugh’s second class drew their own haunted houses! They turned out amazing. Well done to all the girls 👏🏻👏🏻 
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Creating Paper Dolls in Second Class

​In miss Haugh’s room we recently read the book “Paper Dolls” by Julia Donaldson. We all loved the story, especially the little rhyme that the dolls chant “you can’t catch us oh no no, we’re holding hands and we won’t let go”. We enjoyed the story so...
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Saying Goodbye to the Boys from Miss Haugh’s Class

​The end of the year is near and it’s time to say goodbye to all the boys moving to JFK. They have had such an amazing three years with us. Just look at how much the boys in Miss Haugh’s class have grown since their first day in junior infants!&...
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Doodle Families Review

 This year boys and girls from first class got the opportunity to take part in the doodle families programme. This is an amazing initiative which aims to help both the child and parent improve their literacy skills. Every week the child attends ...
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Miss Haugh's Class Decorated Masks!

​For art this week Miss Haugh's first class were asked to design their own masks. The children were so creative.Well done for all their hard work. Let's see if you can guess who is behind each mask!
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Maths games in Ms Haugh’s Class

Ms Haugh’s first class really enjoyed these fun maths games a few weeks ago. It’s super easy to do at home too. All you need is a pack of cards! First remove all the kings, queens and jacks. Then place all the other cards on the table face down so th...
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Ms Haugh - Work for Exceptional Closure

  These are just some ideas and suggestions. Please do not feel under pressure to cover all of this content. Please just do whatever is feasible for you in your own situation. I am well aware that some parents are working. Twinkl have given pare...
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Dress Up in First Class

Ms Haugh’s class had a great time dressing up on Friday evening. The kids had the chance to act out some of the jobs  they’d love to have in the future! 
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World Book Day in Ms Haugh's Class

 The children in Ms Haugh's first class had  great time dressing up for World Book Day. Take a look at their amazing costumes!
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Doodle Families: Dreamland Party

 Th parents and children partaking in Doodle families had an amazing end of programme party yesterday. We all took a visit to the magical Dreamland factory. The children got the chance to use their imaginations and become pilots, bakers, firefig...
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