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Ms Dooley Ryan/Ms O Donnell's 5th Class share our engineering skills with Junior Infants

​There was great excitement in the Halla today as Ms Spicer and Ms Delahunty's junior infants watched as fifth class sang, danced, modelled, demonstrated and guided junior infants through some engineering projects. All the kids got to drive the Vex R...
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Engineers Week Catapult Challenge

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Paired Reading With First Class Today

Ms Dooley Ryan/Ms O Donnell's Class began their paired reading program today with the amazing boys and girls from Ms Haugh's first class. We have some super future teachers in 5th class who shared their amazing skills of patience, kindness, laug...
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Ms Dooley Ryan/Ms O Donnell's fifth class are having a busy week.

It's only Wednesday and our class have worked so hard this week. We started with a reading of Seamus Heaney's Digging. Armed with a bag of real turf we tried to image Heaney's childhood visiting his grandfather at the Toner's Bog. We investigate...
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Tony Baloney brings excitement and laughter to Fifth Class

​On Friday January 24th Ms Dooley Ryan/Ms O Donnell's Fifth class had a great time in the company of Tony Baloney. Did you know that laughter improves your memory!
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Vex Robotics...More Fun from Dell today

​For everyone who is as excited about Vex Robotics today as Ms Dooley Ryan and Ms O Donnell are, here are some more magic moments. 
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Ms Dooley Ryan is in Dell today with our team of Super Salesian 5th class and their robot Gobot !
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Vex Robotics with Ms Dooley Ryan and Ms O Donnell

​Our fifth class is very busy preparing for the Vex Robotics competition which takes place at the end of this month. Our programmers are programming. Our robot drivers are busy practicing with our arena. Our design team is busy working on our Pit sta...
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