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Memories of Ms. Hogan's 1st Class

 As the year comes to an end, I thought it would be nice to look back on some images of our class from throughout the year. It is hard to say goodbye to our friends, and especially so this year as our boys are leaving for JFK. To quote Winnie th...
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Catch Up With Ms. Hogan's 1st Class!

  Hello everyone, I have been so delighted to see the photos of all the wonderful things that you have been doing at home. I am so proud of you all! I really miss seeing you at school, and I know you all miss your classmates too. I thought it wo...
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Maths games in Ms Haugh’s Class

Ms Haugh’s first class really enjoyed these fun maths games a few weeks ago. It’s super easy to do at home too. All you need is a pack of cards! First remove all the kings, queens and jacks. Then place all the other cards on the table face down so th...
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Mr. Browne's class work for exceptional closure

  ​MONDAY: English - Make a list of 20 adjectives (Describing words) Maths - Time, Recognise half past and o'clock. Phonics - 'Y sound' Make a list of as many words with the 'Y sound' Eg sky, myself. Topic - Go outside. Find things for the sense...
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Ms Haugh - Work for Exceptional Closure

  These are just some ideas and suggestions. Please do not feel under pressure to cover all of this content. Please just do whatever is feasible for you in your own situation. I am well aware that some parents are working. Twinkl have given pare...
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1st Class Engineering Challenge

​Last week, Ms. Hogan's 1st class completed some engineering challenges. We worked in teams to build a variety of structures  using just lollipop sticks, plastic cups and wooden blocks. We had ten minutes on the timer to complete each chall...
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Stryker Engineers' Visit to 1st class

Today, three quality engineers from Stryker visited Ms. Hogan's 1st class- Trish, Tom and Marie-Therese. They showed us an artificial hip that they make in their factory and special cement that can be used to repair a crack in a person's skull! They ...
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Making Rice Krispie Buns!

We are learning about procedural writing in Ms. Hogan's 1st class. On Friday, we had a great treat. We made rice krispie buns! They were really yummy! Back in our classroom, we wrote about how we made them in our copies. 
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