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New Year and beginnings at Salesian PS.

​ Happy New Year to all of our Salesian Community. Our school is open with supervision at 08:38 tomorrow morning for a full and normal school day. We look forward to a wonderful 2020 together full of good friendships, learning and celebration. A...
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VEX Robotics Fundraiser.

Dear all, Our school has been invited to partake in the VEX IQ Robotics Competition again this January in Dell. As part of this project, Ms Dowling and Ms Murphy's, 5th class and 6th class, pupils have organised a lunchtime 'Funfair' themed fundraise...
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Aladdin Connect

​Our school is continuously looking at ways of improving our home-school communication. We also are seeking to have our Green School Status reinstated. Therefore, we are going to move our communication primarily to online communication after Haloween...
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School Open

School is open as normal. Teachers are happily teaching and pupils are happily learning. It's a day to count our blessings, the school building is safe and intact. As a precaution we are going to remain in the premises today and tennis has been postp...
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Storm Lorenzo and school opening.

We are planning for school to be open tomorrow at the usual time of 8:50 am. If there are any changes you will be notified by text, Facebook and on the website. Please keep an eye on and for...
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Lining Up in classes on the 2nd of September.

​We can't wait to get back to school tomorrow. The tables below show the classes with their teachers and the yard where they will line up. Some teachers have had to be confirmed. There was a recruitment process over the summer and this ha now happene...
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