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Mrs. Dooley-Ryan/ Ms O' Donnell's class Work for Exceptional Closure

Hi All,
We hope that you are all well today. Below are activities that will keep you busy over the next 2 weeks. Do your best, and if you are unsure, just give it a go and we will talk about it when we meet again.
There is no pressure to complete every item on the list and we do not expect any pupil to complete all the tasks. Your parents can decide with you, how much of this work is achievable for you over 2 weeks. This plan of work attempts to cater for all needs and we acknowledge that all family situations will be different over the next 2 weeks.
Please complete all your written activities into your Refill Pad or one copy.
We hope that you and all of your family stay safe and healthy during this time.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
Ms.O'Donnell and Mrs. Dooley Ryan.

****** NOTE ********
Twinkl resources are listed below
For one month free use of twinkl
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Practical Tasks:
• tidy your room
• help make lunch
• play a board game
• hoover your home
• get some fresh air
• play a game with your sibling
• hide something and make a map for someone to find it.
• do daily meditation for 5 minutes (think of Sr Vera's sessions)
• use recyclable materials and do some construction
• tidy out your school folder
• learn to cook something new

Daily Reading task: Class Novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Skills: Reading for understanding
Read 3 chapters the first week and 3 chapters the second week of 'The Boy in a Striped Pyjamas'
As you read, think 'what are the very important points in this chapter'. What are the details that I think are important parts of the story?
After reading every chapter, write a summary of what happened in the chapter. Include your very important points.
Use a dictionary to find what these words mean:
prejudice, racism, inequality, enunciate, desolate, plaque, insolent, escapade, summon, forlorn, torrent, muster.

Writing Ideas
1. create a diary entry from Bruno, written on the day that he first meets Shmuel.
What information would Bruno put in his diary? How would he describe Shmuel? What would he say his plans for the next day are? How would he
2. compare and contrast Bruno's old home with his new home. ( Draw them)
3. Create some questions that you would ask Shmuel.
4. What was life like for Shmuel before he ended up on the other side of the fence.
create scenes from the story using your Lego.
Daily Reading task 2: Easter Reading Challenge
Read your book every day. When you are finished your book fill in the Easter Reading Challenge form you got for world book day. This includes writing a short book review.
Task 1: Wash your Hands poster
Skills: Procedural writing, poster design
Design a poster showing clearly the steps we should all take when washing our hands. Keep the word count as low as possible so that your message is clear. Add drawings and colour to create an impact. Think of the different age groups in your family house and try to design your poster so that all can understand it (even if child cannot read!). You might decide to divide your page into boxes (4 or 6). When you are happy with your poster, explain it to all of your family at home and display it near a sink in your home.
Task 2: Bake or make something e.g. pancakes, a pop-up card
Skills: Procedural writing
Don't forget to use verbs… add, mix, turn
Write in bullet format
Be clear and don't skip steps
Include materials/ingredients and utensils/equipment
Task 3: Diary Entry
Skills: Recount Writing, personal account
Today all schools are closed as a safety measure to stop the spread of Corona Virus. Write a diary entry with your story of what you have been doing since school closed. This may include what school work you have been doing, how life at home is different now because of the school closure, how you are feeling, what you are thinking

week one

wrestle wrist sword wrinkles
write answer wrong wreck

wrapper listen castle whistle
knee knight knife knowledge

week two

Ireland Scotland England Wales
France Germany Italy Greece

Austria Spain Belgium Portugal
Norway Denmark Sweden Finland

Task: Revise Tables multiplication and division
Wed 18th: 4
Thurs 19th: 8
Fri 20th: 3
Mon 23rd: 6
Tues 24th: 9
Wed. 25th; 7
Thurs 26th: 12
Study a fraction wall
Study decimals (this includes percentages which you can ignore)
Find the perimeter and area of the rooms in your house/ your garden

Written work: Revision of fractions and decimals
*** Do some from each activity e.g. 8-10 per page. Please do not do all of these.********
Improper Fractions
add and subtract fractions with same denominator
*** Do some from each activity e.g. 8-10 per page. Please do not do all of these.********
Adding simple fractions and mixed numbers
Converting Fractions to Decimals:
Website: - it will allow you do a limited number of questions per day for free. Do a different topic for revision every day.

Daily Task: Watch An Nuacht at 5.40pm or on rteplayer
Daily Task: Say your Féile poem aloud
Daily Task: Learn 2 lines of 'An t-Earrach' (this is the last page of this document) - decide with your mum/dad if you are to learn this

Written Tasks
Task 1: Revise all AImsir Láithreach verbs in Briathra Booklet (verbs booklet in your folder)
and Write out verbs in the Aimsir Láithreach and correct to see if they are right
If you don't have your verb booklet, see:

Task 2: Scríobh alt ar 'An T-Earrach' (write a paragraph on Spring), use Aimsir Láithreach
e.g. Feicim…. I see, Closim … I hear, bionn an aimsir… the weather is…
Task 3: críóchnaigh na habairtí… finish these sentences
Ni deireann sé, ní bheireann sé, ní bhíonn, ní chloiseann, ní fheiceann, ní ólann, ní itheann sé, … and for all the other irregular verbs

Task 4: Gramadach photocopy book (this should be in your folder, but don't worry if it is not)
We have been doing uatha agus iolra (singular and plural)
We have 3 rules done in class. Try the next page:
an scoil…. na scoileanna
an áít… na háíteanna
an múinteoir… na múinteoirí
complete all exercises on this page.

Seachtain a haon (week 1)
Féach ar an t-Earrach agus foghlaim na litriú (see underlined words on an T-Earrach at end of this document)

Seachtain a dó (week 2)
a haon a dó a trí a ceathair a cúig
a sé a seacht a hocht a naoi a deich

an clog
leathuair tar éis a seacht (half past 7)
leathuair tar éis a hocht
leathuair tar éis a haon
Task 1: Week 1: Make a Mother's Day card/ craft (Sunday 22nd March)
Write a nice poem for her in your card Lots of lovely ideas on twinkl
Task 2: Week 2: Make an Easter Decoration for your bedroom.

Skills:understand the causes and the effects of the The Famine, presentation
Research 'the Irish Famine'
and other Famine resources on twinkl
Now plan what are the main parts of the famine that you will include in your project;
Your Headings may include: potato blight, soup kitchens, workhouses, relief scheme, evictions, emigration, disease
Write a short paragraph on some or each of the above. Remember, say it in your own words, do not copy from the internet.
draw 3 pictures to support your project.
Practice reading your project, for presentation to your classmates when we return.
Task 1: Go through your Religion copy and finish any pages that are not finished - colour pictures.
In your religion copy
Task 2; write what you know about St Patrick
see twinkl for ideas

Recommended Websites
• The following was created by Ciara Reilly, Marion Institute of Education. It categorises websites under subjects, with a brief synopsis for sites too. Certainly user-friendly, could be used by yourself in creating your worklist for your class.

• This website is packed full of ideas to help your child learn every day!

• Go Noodle gets kids up and moving to fun, engaging content
The activities (dance, yoga, mindfulness) are an opportunity for kids to wake up their bodies, engage their minds and be their best
The movement & mindfulness videos are created by child development experts and they are FREE to use!

• Oxford Owl has an ebook library with over 250 books in it and offers free access to teachers and parents once you create an account at
They also have some vocabulary and comprehension activities for most of the books.

An tEarrach
Tá an tEarrach again anois. Spring is here now
Tá trí mhí san Earrach: Feabhra, Márta agus Aibreán. There are 3 months in Spring… Feb, March, April
Is maith liom go mór an tEarrach mar bíonn deireadh leis an nGeimhreadh. I like Spring a lot because the winter is over.

Ag tús an Earraigh bíonn an aimsir go dona fós. at the start of spring the weather is still very bad
Ach de réir a chéile bíonn sé ag dul i bhfeabhas. but bit by bit it gets better
Imíonn an sneachta agus an sioc.the snow and frost leave
Téann na laethanta i bhfad agus is féidir linn dul ag súgradh sa pháirc agus ag rothaíocht sa tráthnóna.the days get longer and we can play in the park and cycle in the evening

Dúisíonn an dúiche arís san Earrach. nature wakes up in the spring
Cloisimid ceol na n-éan maidin agus tráthnóna. we hear birds singing in the morning and evening
Feicimid uan óg ag léim.we see young lambs jumping
Dúisíonn créatúir bheaga ona gcodladh (fada Geimhreadh). Small creatures wake from their sleep
Tagann bachlóga agus duilleoga ar na crainn agus fásann na bláthanna arís.the buds and leaves come on the trees and the flowers grow again
Ag deireadh an Earraigh bíonn gach áit úr agus glas. at the end of spring every where is fresh and green

Bíonn Lá Fhéile Bríde ar an gcead lá de mhí Feabhra agus
Lá Fhéíle Pádraig ar an seachtú lá deág de Mhárta. St Brigid's day is 1st of February and St Patricks day is 17th March
Bíonn an Cháisc san Earrach freisin.Easter is in spring too

Gan aon agó is maith liom an tEarrach. without a doubt I love spring 

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